Policy Works Inc. Introduces CSIO eSlips Functionality for Commercial Fleets

Calgary, AB (July 12, 2018) – Policy Works Inc. is pleased to announce they’ve partnered with the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) to integrate the My Proof of Insurance eDelivery solution for commercial auto electronic pink slips (eSlips) into Policy Works’ next product update, scheduled for September, 2018.

This integration will enable Policy Works brokers to send commercial eSlips to insureds covered by any carrier straight from their Commercial Auto Module, even if that carrier does not itself use the My Proof of Insurance solution.

“This integration with Policy Works is fantastic news for commercial lines brokers,” said Catherine Smola, President & CEO of CSIO. “We welcome this partnership as yet another opportunity to streamline the workflow for brokers to create a digital experience for their customers.”

“We’ve been partners with CSIO for many years and we’re very excited to be collaborating with them once again to bring a seamless solution for issuing liability eSlips, whether for one vehicle or an entire fleet,” said John Eastly, President of Policy Works Inc. “The capability to issue eSlips has proven to be popular for personal lines and we’re thrilled to be providing brokers this functionality for commercial auto.”

About Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

CSIO is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers and over 36,000 brokers. CSIO is committed to improving the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions such as eDocs, My Proof of Insurance eDelivery, and eSignatures. In addition, CSIO operates CSIOnet, a secure, industry-owned platform for the efficient exchange of policy information for the broker channel. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit www.csio.com.

About Policy Works Inc.

Policy Works is the industry’s leading platform for commercial lines business. Building on its vision for linking brokers and insurers to better serve insureds, the company provides a platform where all stakeholders can come together to leverage each other’s strengths. Policy Works believes in the value of the broker distribution channel and is working to ensure it stays vibrant in a changing marketplace. For more information about Policy Works please visit policyworks.com.

SOURCE: Policy Works

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