2018 Driving Behavior and Safety Insights

IMS releases infographic summarizing the latest analysis of drivers’ behaviour

Chicago, IL (July 10, 2018) – Have you ever wondered how safe other drivers are around you? And wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how safe your own driving really is? As you can imagine, this information is of extreme importance to leading auto insurers.

IMS, a leader in connected car and insurance telematics solutions to insurers, analyzed information from 5 trillion data points to get real-time data insights on safe driving behavior, summarized in a new infographic.

IMS’ 2018 Driving Behavior and Safety Insights summary infographic is sure to challenge insurers’ traditional thought on behavior, further proving the importance and truth, in driving data. In this infographic, you will learn:

  1. Which regions have the safest drivers?
  2. In which country drivers tend to speed more than others?
  3. What time of the day does most unsafe driving behavior occur?
  4. Which OEM brand of car is driven the safest?
  5. Are low mileage drivers actually safer drivers than high mileage drivers?
  6. How does driver safety vary depending on road type (highway vs. urban vs. rural roads)?

Infographic: 2018 Driving Behavior and Safety Insights

You can also download the infographic in PDF format.

About Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS)

Established in 1999, IMS is a leader in connected car technology that enables drivers to be safer, smarter and greener. The unique approach of converging in-car infotainment, automotive telematics and wireless technology has resulted in an impressive range of solutions. From insurance and government, to fleets and everyday drivers, IMS technology revolutionizes industries. For more information, visit www.intellimec.com/.

Source: Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS)

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