Markers Insurance Introduces Canada’s First Guaranteed-Issue Insurance Product Covering Medical Cannabis

Mississauga, ON (June 18, 2018) – Markers Financial Inc. (Markers Insurance), a division of Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation (“EPIC”), announces it is introducing Canada’s first guaranteed-issue insurance product for individuals providing coverage for medical cannabis prescriptions. The Company plans to launch its individual product, followed by a group product for companies wishing to provide such benefits to their employee group, by August 15, 2018.

Robert Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of EPIC, commented, “our introduction of insurance coverage for medical cannabis will go a long away toward supporting a more legitimate, patient-centric approach to patient care in Canada. We anticipate a very positive market reception in August.”

Similar to the way in which dental insurance is administrated in Canada, medical cannabis producers licensed by Health Canada will be paid directly by the insurer, such that patients will never be out of pocket for the cost of their prescriptions. Policies will be customized to each insured’s actual requirements, with no caps or restrictions based on pre-existing conditions. All medical cannabis producers licensed by Health Canada are eligible to participate in this program. In late May, the Company began the process of enrolling licensed producers as both medical cannabis suppliers and channel sales partners across Canada, and this process is ongoing.

About Markers Insurance

Markers is a Canadian insurance agency and is headquartered at 400-1500 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Canada. The products marketed and sold by the Company will be underwritten by the Canadian insurance industry. For more information, please visit

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Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation Ltd. is a financial-services holding company. EPIC owns, operates, and invests in businesses involved in designing, developing and distributing highly innovative insurance products and risk management solutions. See

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SOURCE: Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation

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