Crawford Introduces Workforce ADVANTAGE Staffing Solution

Toronto, ON (June 14, 2018) – Crawford & Company (Canada), Inc. today officially introduces its Workforce ADVANTAGE program to the Canadian insurance market. In response to growing workforce demands of specialized expertise in the industry, Crawford developed this industry solution for clients in need of flexible staffing solutions. Our Workforce ADVANTAGE program is dedicated to placing Crawford claims management professionals in-house at our clients’ place of business to meet staffing demands associated with unexpected leaves, influxes in work volume or special projects.

“Since its inception, the program has expanded as it continues to effectively address the unique staffing needs of our clients and produce positive results,” said Jim Eso, senior vice president, Property & Casualty, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. “Crawford Workforce ADVANTAGE is a flexible, responsive staffing support solution, providing our clients with on-demand access to a pool of professionals across all insurance disciplines to address their unique staffing needs.”

With over 50 years of experience onboarding, training and developing highly skilled adjusters and claims management professionals in Canada, Crawford has leveraged this knowledge and experience to provide a unique outsourced solution to its clients. Crawford’s roster of claims professionals spans all lines, including auto, property, casualty, short-term and long-term disability and workers’ compensation. Crawford provides the best suited claims professional for any staffing need based on area of expertise, professional background and education in order to execute job functions such as desktop and field adjusting and special projects such as file closure and/or file review and run-of).

Crawford Workforce ADVANTAGE is overseen by Carmin Lakhanpal. Carmin joined Crawford in December 2017, bringing over fourteen years of experience in the insurance industry and human resources to the team. Since joining Crawford, Carmin has leveraged her leadership expertise in the recruitment cycle and a wide range of human resource functions to execute her team’s service offering as efficiently and timely as possible.

“As part of the company’s mission to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities, we have created a solution to help our clients effectively manage influxes in work volume and workforce availability,” said Pat Van Bakel, president and chief executive officer, Crawford & Company (Canada), Inc. “This service solution helps to accelerate the recruitment and hiring process while providing appropriate on-demand staffing needs.”

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