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New SMA Report Evaluates the Evolution and Maturity of InsurTech

Boston, MA (May 10, 2018) – Strategy Meets Action, a leading insurance strategic advisory firm, has just released a new research report: InsurTech 2018: 10 Key Themes Are Shaping the Future.

The report leverages SMA’s InsurTech tracking of over 1,200 startups along with hands-on engagement and mentoring of InsurTechs. This report identifies ten key themes that illustrate how InsurTech is changing, why 2018 is a pivotal year, and what to expect in the coming years. Findings of the research include the following:

  • The number of InsurTech startups (after 2012) is stabilizing at around 1,200 – as exits and new entrants are beginning to balance out.
  • AI is the hottest technology area; over 200 of the 1200 InsurTech startups tracked by SMA are focused on capabilities driven by AI.
  • InsurTech startups are partnering at higher rates – with each other, with established tech players, with insurers, and others.

“The InsurTech movement has been a catalyst for change for the insurance industry,” said Mark Breading, SMA Partner and report coauthor. “We are now beginning to see some InsurTechs mature and more live implementations. But so far, the overall financial impact to the industry is still low.”

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Report Preview

2018 is a pivotal year for the InsurTech startup movement. This report identifies ten key themes that illustrate how InsurTech is changing and what to expect in the coming years.

2018 InsurTech: 10 Key Themes Will Shape the Future is based on SMA’s ongoing tracking, analysis, and advisory work with InsurTechs and insurers. The report includes an update on InsurTech demographics. The ten themes are divided into two areas:

  1. The Shifting Demographics of InsurTech; and
  2. The Realities and Results of InsurTech.

Many examples are provided. The report closes with an SMA call to action for insurers.

Figure 4 from the report shows InsurTechs by Line of Business:

Insurers, InsurTech companies, solution providers, and media that are interested in learning more should contact Mark Breading at [email protected] or 614.562.8310.

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