Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. Introduces New Property Appraisal Services

Toronto, ON (Apr. 25, 2018) – Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. today announced the launch of property appraisal services within its Global Technical Services (GTS®) service line. Complementary to our comprehensive property loss management services for residential and commercial losses, our mediation / appraisal services is another industry solution that assists clients with the appraisal process under provincially-regulated insurance matters. Our in-house team of appraisers leverages the expertise of our vast national network of specialists to represent clients as their appointed appraiser on any type of personal or commercial property.

“Our property appraisal service is the definitive solution to property valuation challenges that our insurer partners may experience,” said Paul Hancock, vice president, Global Technical Services (Canada), Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. “Once a property loss has occurred and enters the appraisal process, our highly qualified appraisers can promptly settle the matter of valuation on lost or damaged property, effectively resolving any valuation discrepancies and bringing about a prompt claim resolution.”

Led by John Valeriote, executive general adjuster & property appraisal team leader and overseen by Ashley Misurka, senior general adjuster & branch manager, the leadership team along with that of the division’s team members possess decades of combined experience managing property losses and conducting appraisals under provincially-regulated insurance matters. Collectively they have conducted hundreds of property appraisals, ranging in value from $25,000 to $25 million.

“Our property appraisal services align with our corporate mission to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities by helping our clients resolve property valuation challenges and settle claims promptly,” said Pat Van Bakel, president and chief executive officer, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. “This service solution helps to accelerate the claims process, providing claims resolutions to the satisfaction of both the insured party and the insurer.”

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