Trufla Technology Celebrates Bullfrog Insurance’s Innovative New Website

Calgary, AB (Apr. 2, 2018) – Trufla Technology is pleased to announce the launch of the redesigned Bullfrog Insurance website at

Bullfrog, known for innovation in the insurance industry, was the first brokerage in Canada to provide an online quote-and-bind insurance platform focused on small businesses.

From its inception in 2015, Bullfrog worked with Trufla’s SEO team to take their then new domain from unknown to consistently top ranked across the country. Building on the SEO success, the website redesign was the natural next step.

“The old Bullfrog site was what we call a static, traditional website, which the vast majority of websites are,” says Dave Vass, VP Innovation and SEO for Trufla. “With this redesign, we gave them a highly creative and interactive site focused on a rich user experience and engagement. The new Bullfrog site is a work of art.”

Delivering websites that offer an immersive user experience, Trufla is leading the way by revolutionizing both the internal operations of brokerages, and the ease with which customers are able to purchase their insurance. This is accomplished by leveraging APIs to reduce the information required from the user and simplifying the questions based on personal needs.

“From the outset of the project, to the final eve before launch, the Trufla team was fully committed to the objective of delivering something that would be leading edge and make a significant impact in terms of customer experience, conversion and mobile capabilities.  We all feel we’ve achieved this and more with the new site,” says Sam Natar, President of Bullfrog Insurance.

About Trufla Technology

Trufla Technology is first of its kind – a company offering a complete suite of digital solutions for the modern insurance brokerage. From SEO and web design, to lead management, branded customer service and API’s, Trufla provides a 360° digital strategy for brokerages and reimagines the way their customers interact with insurance.

About Bullfrog Insurance

Bullfrog is a licensed Canadian insurance brokerage and an online one-stop shop for small business insurance. Priding itself as ‘insurance without the bull’, Bullfrog Insurance aims to provide small businesses with the coverage they need, while ensuring the process is quick, easy and free of confusing insurance lingo.

SOURCE: Trufla Technology

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