2018 Broker Insurance Tech Awards

Aviva Canada announces the results of the first annual Broker Insurance Tech Awards with BMS scorecard

Toronto, ON (Mar. 22, 2018) – As businesses and broker management systems (BMS) evolve, it has become increasingly difficult for brokers to identify the right BMS vendor to suit their unique business needs.

Recognizing this pain point, Aviva Canada collaborated with broker associations across Canada (IBAA, IBAC, IBAM, IBANS and IBAO) and CSIO to host the first annual Broker Insurance Tech Awards.

BMS vendors including Applied Systems, Keal Technology, TechCanary, Power Broker, and Brokercore presented their platforms to a judging panel at Aviva’s Digital Garage in Toronto.

Based on the results, Aviva Canada created a scorecard for brokers to illuminate the BMS technology now available.

This evaluation of BMS vendors in the Canadian insurance market will help brokers:

  • make informed decisions on BMS vendors,
  • identify features they weren’t aware of before, and
  • introduce them to new BMS vendors in the market.

Refer to the PDF scorecard for the final award results:

2018 Broker Insurance Tech Awards scorecard

Check out video highlights of the Broker Insurance Tech Awards and hear insights from the evaluation panelists:

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SOURCE: Aviva Canada

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