InsureMy & Trak Global Bring Revolution to New Drivers in Canada

Cash rewards for safe new drivers combined with the ultimate tool for parents to effectively coach

More than just insurance, InsureMy and Trak are leaders blazing a trail toward life-saving changes for driver safety

Toronto, ON (Mar. 8, 2018) — InsureMy Inc., a Calgary-based insurance brokerage, in partnership with Trak Global Group, the UK-based market leader in insurance telematics, today announced the official launch of Drive With Carrot – a power play to create a new generation of safer, smarter drivers, and improve road safety for all.

Safe Driving is Rewarding

As the exclusive Canadian distributor of Carrot’s New Driver program, the InsureMy product will allow new drivers to track and self-regulate their driving behaviour through an app-based tool. Using the technology of telematics, driving data such as speed, cornering, braking, and harsh stops and starts will be collected by and delivered directly to the driver’s smartphone app, providing a score for each trip. The program offers young drivers recommendations to help improve their performance behind the wheel, and for those maintaining consistently good scores, it’s all about the rewards. Cash rewards are issued on a reloadable credit card quarterly, with the earning potential of up to $200 per year. Not to mention the discount to a new driver’s policy just for enrolling in the program. A powerful example of how consumers can put the data they own to work for their personal benefit. The information gathered is accessible only by the New Driver and Coach associated with the program – InsureMy can only access this information with the consent of the customer.

Not Just Better Drivers – Better Coaches Too

The Program also provides parents of Carrot’s new drivers with an online dashboard of their own to logon and review their new driver’s performance – this brings monumental change to coaching. Not only does this give parents peace of mind when they cannot sit passenger-side, but using fact-based data to steer their drivers towards smarter behaviours on the road takes the emotion out of the equation and reduces the stress in the young driver-coach relationship.

Experience Counts

“The partnership with Trak Global just made sense, they’ve implemented this program in the UK and countries across the globe with stellar results. They’ve also been recognized internationally for their contribution to improving safety amongst novice drivers”, notes InsureMy President, Hugh McTavish, speaking in particular of Carrot UK’s track record of reducing road traffic collisions amongst its newly qualified policyholders by 42%. “We set out to change the way we approach insurance, to be more than just a policy provider in the eyes of our customers. Bringing this type of ground breaking change to the driver safety and the new driver experience in Canada is just the beginning.”, concluded McTavish.

The team at Trak Global has worked tirelessly to adapt the app for its Canadian debut and they couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “Guiding just one more partner on this journey to success is thrilling for us, we are proud to be at the forefront of driver safety on an international scale”, Nick Corrie, CEO of Trak Global Group. “InsureMy has invested an unparalleled amount of effort into bringing New Driver to life in Canada and this just solidifies our choice to work with such a dedicated provider, working toward our common goal.”

Connected Insurance Solutions for a Connected World

Adding to the already robust line of telematics-based insurance products, the Carrot New Driver app will be available for download on both iOS and Android platforms effective March 8th, 2018.

To put an InsureMy policy to work for you, or for further information on the complete line of InsureMy products, contact Gord Mansfield at 1-844-410-1896.

About InsureMy Inc.

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