Sharp Mobile and Emethod Announce Amalgamation

Calgary, AB (Mar. 1, 2018) — Sharp Mobile Technology is pleased to announce that it has entered into an amalgamation agreement with Emethod, a majority-owned subsidiary of Sharp Insurance. These entities have been united under one new company, Trufla Technology Ltd.

Trufla Technology will be the first of its kind – a company offering a complete suite of digital solutions for the modern insurance brokerage. From SEO and web design, to lead management, branded customer service and API’s, Trufla will provide a 360° digital strategy for brokerages and reimagine the way their customers interact with insurance.

“Joining with EMethod gives us a great opportunity to provide more value to our brokers, especially with the addition of their lead management tool, Clickhook,” says Ken Sedgewick, VP Sales for Trufla (formerly Director of Sales, Sharp Mobile). “We already have a number of brokers using it and seeing great success.”

In addition to EMethod’s focus on lead generation, the digital marketing agency brings expertise in SEO, web design and digital advertising. This compliments Sharp Mobile’s technology focused product offering, providing valuable insights into the heart of the brokerage.

“Trufla is committed to giving brokers the solutions and tools they need to take full advantage of their brokerage’s data,” says Sedgewick. “The ability to make data-driven decisions is a game changer.”

“Sharp Mobile’s expertise in leveraging insurance data fits extremely well with our ability to provide unique web experiences that improve conversion and lead management,” says Dave Vass, President of EMethod and now VP Innovation and SEO for Trufla. “EMethod and Sharp Mobile are both recognized as innovative companies individually, and I’m excited to see what we will create as a unified team.”

About Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.

Created out of the need for technological advancements in the insurance brokerage industry, Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions geared towards the modern brokerage. Inspired by real-life, day-to-day insurance demands, Sharp Mobile technology offers clients full access to insurance documents and digital pink cards. The mobile app and online portal also support self-service tools including payment information, claims submittal and policy change requests. Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions for brokerages across Canada.

About EMethod

EMethod is a digital marketing agency focused on helping companies achieve growth through lead management. Imagined through a passion for building software, the EMethod team combines development, SEO, SEM, and thoughtful web design to achieve synchronicity, producing exceptional results for clients. EMethod websites are optimized for content, conversion, and rank highly on search engines. Today, EMethod employs industry-leading designers, marketers and developers to elevate businesses to the next level.

Source: Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.

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