HTM Builds A Better Quoting Experience for Prospects and Customers

A 2018 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 22, 2018) – HTM worked with MCCG in 2017 to design and develop an Online Quoting Solution (OQS) for the purpose of providing an easy to use ‘consumer centric’ web based quoting tool for the consumer and a ‘lead generator’ for the sales distribution channel (broker/agent).  The tool leverages the rating and underwriting rules for personal automobile and residential product lines that exist in HTM Insurance Company’s implementation of the Insurance Business Solution (IBS®).  The automobile line of business can accept any number of vehicles and drivers and both products include dynamic questioning for a further responsive experience.  The ‘gamification’ of the quote process ensures that the consumer (user) receives immediate quotation feedback with only limited initial input, and then receives updated pricing as they continue to refine their response.

The OQS solution has been built with a responsive design so it works on mobile devices (phones), tablets, laptops, desktops (any device).  It is also highly configurable, allowing the insurance company to modify the ‘look & feel’ and ‘rating & underwriting rules’ as well as the ‘questions for the basis of rate’ without the need for MCCG’s intervention.

The workflow process ensures the consumers (user) anonymity up until they confirm they wish to proceed further with a sales person, matches the consumer with the sales person (broker/agent) and also provides a copy of the quotation back to the consumer, broker/agent and HTM to continue the sales process.

Since the implementation of this tool in Q4 of 2016 with HTM, 6 additional Mutual Insurance Companies have implemented the OQS solution for their consumers/brokers/agents during late 2016 and 2017.  Two further companies have ‘kicked’ off projects in December to implement Online Quoting solutions.

The tool can be accessed at:

HTM Insurance Company views this initial step in the Digital Customer Journey as an important long term initiative to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of their community utilizing all possible avenues of communication.

A Win For Our Customers, Our Brokers, And Ourselves

One of the first benefits to our business was simply an accomplishment of a significant project relative to our company size.  This project showed our employees we were able to identify an opportunity, visualize an outcome and execute a plan. It showed other mutuals in our peer group that HTM is a leader in technology and innovation.

A secondary benefit was showing how well we can leverage our shared IT Company, MCCG, with our other mutual partners. This project showcased the capabilities of MCCG to move outside their current insurance system paradigm, using new software and techniques, to create something quite different.

Additionally, we have provided our brokers, at all their various levels of technological capabilities, with an easy tool to quote and use to generate some new leads.  All this in a co-branded environment, which promotes the broker value proposition.

As a mutual, we pride ourselves on personal service, which we have always considered as face to face. In today’s world, “personal service” means more than face to face, it means a seamless interaction with the customer using all forms of “communication media”. This is a first step towards providing customers with access to our products and pricing and values through a digital media.  

About Hamilton Township Mutual

Hamilton Township Mutual Insurance Company, located in Cobourg Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders and agent/broker partners since 1898 by committing to a professional and community based approach.  HTM is a strong mutual insurance company, devoted to providing their community with security through superior products and caring professional service.  Using long range planning coupled with the use of innovative technology; HTM continues to build strong relationships within their own community and the mutual family.  HTM is a proud member of the Ontario and Canadian Mutual Insurance Industry.  For more information, visit

About Mutual Concept Computer Group

MCCG was founded in 1993 by a group of insurance companies to provide them with a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable software product that dramatically advances the way insurance organizations do business. The company’s flagship product, the Insurance Business Solution (IBS®), automates and simplifies time-consuming activities such as underwriting insurance policies, writing rules, managing claims, and accounting as well as managing documentation flow and general business. MCCG has established itself as a leading provider of software solutions for the mutual insurance industry in Canada.  For more information, visit

SOURCE: Hamilton Township Mutual

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