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A 2018 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 19, 2018) – Josslin Insurance worked with Client Desk, a tech startup, to develop a client interface that provides convenient access to common insurance-related services. The Real Insurance app integrates with Power Broker, our Broker Management System, and can be branded for any independent brokerage to provide a robust client experience.

Since this is the first of its kind in a brokerage and there wasn’t a precedent for the amount of resources an app would require from our people, we launched the app slowly through our personal insurance sales brokers to new clients in July 2017. We monitored the process slowly, adjusting as needed over the summer, and began sending batch email invites to personal insurance clients to coincide with their policy renewal.

Essential features of the Real Insurance App

For Clients:

  • Dashboard with Policy Details  – Acts as a simplified dec page automatically updated as information is downloaded to the broker’s BMS.
  • My Docs – Gives client access to e-docs and provides secure storage space for insurance-related pictures and other documents.
  • Request Changes – easy to use forms record and send information about the change request to the broker to follow up and fill in gaps or verify.
  • Submit a Claim  – Allows client to submit details of a claim including photos, audio files and video which are sent to the broker and client’s email in PDF form for easy reference. A note of the claim is also saved in the abeyance section of the broker’s BMS.
  • Chat with a broker  – Clients are able to request a chat during chat hours where they are able to chat with a licensed broker and send and receive pictures. A copy of the chat log is saved to the client’s file in the broker’s BMS.
  • Digital liability slip – uses the same information our BMS does to generate paper liability slips, providing an ideal solution once the government-mandated electronic liability slips are legalized.
  • Find Services  – using a google api, the app is able to suggest useful services near a client’s home or in a specified radius near the user.
  • Automated E-Docs Access – the app keeps track of the types of e-docs, choosing the document for the current policy upon registration and switching to the newest version on the policy renewal date.
  • Broker Information – because the app is designed to provide another contact option for our client and not take any away, it’s important to give our client the option to call or visit us if they choose to.
  • Link to Rater used on brokerage website and used as rating software within the brokerage.

For Brokers:

  • Broker Dashboard – provides an overview of registration numbers, analytics of prompts and emails sent as well as recent claim submissions, policy changes, quick client search and alert centre for chat response, callback and new registration.
  • Client Profiles – allows the broker to see all files currently available to the app user and send them additional documents to be stored securely in their My Docs vault. Customizable push notifications can also be sent to the individual through their client profile.
  • Prompts – Allows the brokerage marketer to schedule prompts or questions sent to all or a segment of app users. Newsletters may also be sent in-app or to client email addresses.
  • App Settings – Brokers are able to customize broker details, chat settings, quote links and the look of the email invitation.

Use and Benefits

This is the first client facing technology to work directly with our BMS. The real insurance app allows for paperless document transfer and the built in security feature puts us at an advantage regarding compliance with eventual government-mandated e-pink slips. This means that the client has the same digital client experience regardless of their insurance company provider, especially if a client has policies with different companies. Because we are supporting one app instead of app solutions from different markets (for claims and documents) and other providers (for pink slips), we’re able to provide knowledgeable support with minimal staffing and training.

But the really big deal is that it’s not just for Josslin Insurance.  We approached this with the thought at it will be something that benefits all brokers, available to them to connect to their own BMS and keep their brand identity.

The Real Insurance App continues to evolve. The developers are working on a number of different add-ons for the near future, including integrating monthly payment schedules and claims data direct from the insurer and client payment options through ClearPay, an organization with whom we are piloting client email transfers. All of these support our vision of providing a unique personalized experience.

Benefits are beginning to accrue.

From our ongoing client satisfaction surveys, we’ve learned that 75% of our clients expect electronic access to their policies, 81% want to make changes to their personal information themselves and 77% would like to change their insurance policy information. 72% want the ability to obtain a replacement pink slip themselves and 77% would like answers to their insurance questions in real-time.

The Real Insurance app satisfies all of these requests from our clients and for the first time it feels like we are delivering a 21st century solution. A customizable app that works with our current BMS doesn’t just save us money and streamline digital interaction with our client. It makes us relevant to our client at an affordable rate while maintaining our brand credibility.

Since our soft launch in July, we’ve achieved a base of 153 registered with a 9.1% registration rate through email invitations alone. When we include those invited at the time of new business sales, we reach an overall registration rate of 14.8%.  This user base is currently serviced by one broker and only takes up an average of 20 minutes of her workday. We plan to ramp up the launch and marketing in early 2018.

About Josslin Insurance

Josslin Insurance is a family-owned insurance brokerage that operates six offices in and around Waterloo Region, providing home, car, business, farm, life and disability insurance. In addition to its reputation for community support, Josslin is also known for pioneering technology having previously been honoured with an ICTA award for their work with SGI on paperless transfer of insurer documents to brokers.  Josslin is also the 2017 winner of the IBAO’s Innovator of the Year award for their work on the Real Insurance App. For more information, please visit

About Clientdesk

ClientDesk is Canada’s leading software platform for independent insurance brokerages that powers core functions of the digital insurance experience such as Engagement, Self Service, and Claims Management. We provide web portals and mobile apps for policyholders and front-line staff such as brokers and CSRS. The platform can also be integrated with legacy policy administration systems through web services calls, enabling the real-time transfer of policyholder data and activity logs. For more information, please visit

About Power Broker

Power Broker is a complete customer and policy management system with a full accounting program operating in a user-friendly environment. It supports EDI Upload/Download, Electronic Documents Management, and many other integrations such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and two quotation programs. It’s the best product with the best price with the best support for your insurance management needs! For more information, please visit

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