Accident Support Services Challenges Auto Claim Settlement Times

A 2018 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 5, 2018) – The addition of a built-in damage estimator tool to CROMS has enhanced the application’s value to participating insurance companies. It has automated the process for ASSI counselors to eliminate manual estimates of the damage. Counselors now record the severity of the damage to the vehicle noting each area that is damaged and indicating whether that damage is repairable or requires replacement.

The application has been programmed with a set of amounts for each damage description based on the current market value and takes into consideration the year and make of the vehicle. It also includes a multiplier based on the age and type of the vehicle (luxury or not). The application then provides an estimated value to repair the vehicle. This estimated value is now more consistent and closer to the actual repair costs, allowing adjusters to be vigilant for cases when the actual repairs are disproportionately different.

Included in this tool, ASSI staff also completes a Total Loss Questionnaire composed of questions with weighted rankings to help determine whether the vehicle may be a potential total loss. If the score exceeds a set figure, an email alert will go out the insurance company notifying them of a potential total loss for one of their insureds. This will enable insurers to act immediately, taking the vehicle for salvage, and avoid incurring additional charges for towing & storage. Additionally, the notification allows insurers to work with their insureds to fast-track claim settlement, reducing the days a file is open, saving additional time and rental car costs in addition to providing exceptional customer service.

Another new feature created this year to help insurers was the implementation of the citizen upload tool. Drivers involved in collisions now have the opportunity to provide their personal photographs of their damaged vehicles or the collision scene to CROMS for self-reported collisions and collisions investigated at the scene. The CRC staff verify the photographs and add them to the file for participating insurance companies to use in their claims adjustments. ASSI staff will have the ability to use these photographs to assist them in accurately completing the official 418 Self Report. Insurers would have access to any photographs available for both their insured or any third parties involved in the collision.

Insurers have the ability to compare those photographs to the photographs already taken at the CRC to see if any additional damage may have been added before the vehicle was reported at the CRC and help them in determining fault determination. Therefore, assisting adjusters in making informed decisions and lowering their claims costs. It also preserves a record of the photographs for years to come when other potential of litigation and Accident Benefits Claims that may arise.

These are the latest tools in Accident Support Services International Ltd.’s commitment to helping insurance companies to provide excellent customer service, prevent & detect insurance fraud, and reduce time & costs associated with automobile claims handling. 


The built-in damage estimator is designed to reduce the average settlement time of total loss vehicles by a minimum of 20%. With an average settlement time being 21 days, the insurer would save four days storage of the total loss vehicle at impound facility or body shop and four days of rental vehicle use. In the cases where the vehicle was at an impound facility, the insurer would identify that the vehicle is a total loss before it is towed to a body shop, eliminating one tow bill. Additionally, with speedier claims service the customer gets their replacement vehicle sooner improving customer satisfaction and retention.

About ASSI

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) is the private enterprise element of a partnership between Police, Insurance Companies and private enterprise. The company is the operator of several Collision Reporting Centres (CRCs) and the creator of the Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS). When citizens attend a CRC to self-report their collisions, ASSI staff take them through an interview to complete the customer service package provided to insurers in real-time through CROMS. The CRC and CROMS programs offers insurance companies the information and tools to make informed decisions, adjust their claims, and prevent & detect insurance fraud. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI)

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