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Wishing You A Merry Disruption

It’s that time of the year where we reflect on a year that skated by at the speed of light.  We want to share our thoughts on 2017.  And what we really think about you (it’s pretty good).

2017 Insurance-Canada Technology Conference and Broker Forum

Four hundred and fifty professionals attended ICTC&BF2017 in February.  (As an aside, we recall the early days where one-tenth of this year’s attendance was a big deal.  We’ve come a long way, always looking at what you are driving in the business of insurance.)

Our theme – “Disruption => New Realities, New Opportunities” – was ably kicked of by Craig Haney, Head of Corporate Innovation, at Communitech in Waterloo.  Craig did a deep dive into the process, emphasizing the importance of building a portfolio of innovation activities which creates a culture of people wiling to take risk and drive forward.

Other presentations (40+) used the model as a compass, digging into techniques and tools to support different facets of insurance.  Details can be found here.  Closing the event, Andrew Lo, President and CEO at Kanetix, Ltd. focussed on consumers and the innovations that drive consumers’ engagement.

Lights, Action, Innovation!

For the first time we engaged a firm to video sessions and informal moments at ICTC2017.  We (well, me, really) were worried that the filming would be disruptive.

That fear dispursed within the first hour.  The video team from arc + crown media did a great job and made the video available  for those who couldn’t attend, and those who attended and wanted to capture the details of the sessions.

We are continuing the filming at our other events and are getting good feedback on the results.

2017 Insurance-Canada Executive Forum

In its fifth year, ICEF2017 targeted the strategic aspects of  InsurTech,  and the impact on the practice of insurance and the insurance product itself.  Our theme was simple, but impactful:  Insurance: Connected.

Our keynote was handled by Matteo Carbone, Founder of Connected Insurance Observatory.    Carbone provided his views on the use of technologies to re-shape insurance from a global view.

Following the introduction, Carbone was joined by a Senior Executive Panel (David Crozier, Everest Insurance Canada, Lorie Phair, Canadian Broker Network, and Andrew Lo, Kanetix, Ltd.) for a ‘Fireside Chat’.  Neil Mitchell, Marsh Canada, Ltd., moderated this power group discussing relative impacts on demographic segments, specific elements in Canada, and the future of InsurTech.

The balance of the day was a firehose of new and emerging structures aiming at new Canadian constructs.  One practitioner – Mark Dowds, Co-founder at Trōv – showed how Trōv’s technologies were changing the practice and business of insurance for greater engagement and profitability.

Surprise:  InsurTechTO

In the spring, one of our staff attended an InsurTech event and came back waxing eloquent on the vibrance and deep thinking at an InsurTech event.  In spite of being in the middle of planning for ICEF2017, we found time to bring folks who were working in start-ups, early testing of products, and recently launched enterprises.  We also recruited insurers and brokers who were moving forward utilizing digital in new creative fashions.

The event came to fruition in November.  A long time friend of insurance-Canada – Jim Love, CIO and Chief Content Officer at ITWC (IT World Canada) – undertook the charity for the day and drove a fast-paced, content rich environment.

With a crunch on everything, we did the best we could in getting the word out.  We expected maybe 100 attendees.  That number doubled and we actually had to cut off registration a week before the event.

And, Now About You …

We are very grateful for all of the support that you and your colleagues provide us, from attending, to participating as faculty, to offering suggestions.   We believe that Canadian insurance has a unique, collegial bend that allows us to ask for, and receive, candid input and involvement.  That drives us.  Thanks.

The pace of change continues on overdrive.  We are actively working on several events and some other things that we will be unveiling in the early part of the new year.  At the minute, however, we just wish you a wonderful time of the season.

All the best .. You deserve it!