Geomni’s UAV Solution Serves to Solve Tree Coverage Imagery Problem

Lehi, Utah (Nov. 14, 2017) – Overreaching tree canopies can obscure details of residential and commercial structures from satellite and aerial imagery used to document property values and evaluate roof damage. Using drones to obtain aerial images of rooftops helps resolve many of these issues, according to Geomni, a Verisk business that harnesses remote sensing and machine learning technologies to provide information about residential and commercial structures.

Because they are able to operate in close proximity to the subject, drones can provide images that are extremely detailed and can deliver superior sub-centimeter resolution for more accurate and detailed data.

“A drone’s ability to fly under the tree canopy and capture photos of different angles and perspectives makes it possible to capture detailed data about every aspect of the exterior of a building,” said Jeffrey C. Taylor, Geomni’s president. “We then use artificial intelligence solutions to interpret that data to help create a detailed report about the exterior of a structure, including roof and exterior diagrams with the precise placement of doors, windows, and other structural features.”

This comprehensive information can help insurance adjusters underwrite properties and resolve insurance claims in the event of a loss much more efficiently than using traditional methods, according to Taylor.

“We’ve been encouraged by the data we are able to generate with images from drones and believe this technology may revolutionize the property data industry, enabling virtual roof inspections, automated hail damage assessments, and expanded rural coverage,” Taylor said. “Trees have been a major obstacle, reducing our ability to ‘see’ various roof details. Now, we can expand our comprehensive data packages to cover structures that have previously been obscured from fixed-wing flights.”

Geomni’s set of solutions includes Geomni(TM) Property and Geomni(TM) Roof and can be requested seamlessly through Xactware’s suite of solutions, Xactimate® and XactAnalysis®. Xactware is an exclusive reseller of Geomni products for the property insurance restoration and remodeling industries. Data packages are also available as a stand-alone product for customers in roofing and other markets at

Geomni offers customers the option to order UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) inspections from a worldwide network of licensed drone operators.

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Geomni, a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business, is centered around an address- and location-based database of property-related analytics. Using the latest remote sensing and machine learning technologies, Geomni gathers, stores, processes, and delivers geographic and spatially referenced information relating to residential and commercial structures. Property professionals can use the data to help determine scope of damage, discover hazards, assess risk, perform valuations, and much more. Our property analytics database supports a number of critical tools that protect people, property, and financial assets. Learn more at

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