Quebec still not prepared to deal with an earthquake

5th edition of the Great ShakeOut

Montreal, QC (Oct. 19, 2017) – The news is of concern. Although Quebec has taken part in the Great ShakeOut, an international earthquake preparedness drill, for the past five years, Quebecers still do not know how to protect themselves adequately if there were a quake.

In the run-up to the 5th edition of the Great Quebec ShakeOut, (Grande Secousse in Quebec) IBC, which has sponsored the event since it began, published the results of a survey which clearly reveals that Quebecers are not prepared for an earthquake. In fact, SOM, which surveyed over one thousand individuals, noted that only 8% of respondents knew the three steps to protect themselves during a quake, namely Drop, Cover (get under a solid piece of furniture), Hold On.

These three simple steps, practiced every year by millions of individuals around the world during the Great ShakeOut, are acknowledged by experts to be the most effective way to avoid injuries and save lives. This year, the drill will be held on Thursday, October 19, at 10:19 a.m.!

Therefore, IBC is inviting Quebecers to register free of charge at and to take part in the drill at work, at school or at home. Participants and their groups could also win one of the fabulous prizes being given out. “This short simulation could make all the difference the day we are hit by a major quake. Those who practice the three steps, even if only once a year, will immediately know what to do during a quake,” noted Pierre Babinsky, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at IBC.

Indifference and misconceptions

A large proportion of the population is simply not aware that the whole St. Lawrence Valley is at risk of an earthquake, and that there have been a number of strong quakes in Quebec over the course of its history.

In fact, when survey participants were asked whether they think their homes could suffer damage from a quake, only 14% said yes.

What’s more, over a third of those surveyed believe wrongly their home insurance policy covers earthquake risk, while 38% of those surveyed did not know whether it did or not. Earthquake risk can in fact be covered by adding the appropriate endorsement to the policy. And yet, only 3% of individuals who have home insurance in Quebec have earthquake coverage.

“What the survey reveals, overall, is that Quebecers are not ready to deal with a major earthquake. Not only don’t they know what steps could protect their lives, but many also believe their home insurance policy covers them when it actually doesn’t,” explained Mr. Babinsky.

Click here (French only) to see the Grande Secousse promotional video.

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