The AI Paradox: What Does It Mean for Insurers?

Boston, Mass. (October 2, 2017) – Strategy Meets Action has released a new blog by SMA Partner Mark Breading – The AI Paradox: What Does It Mean for Insurers?

Listen to the pundits and self-described experts, and you get the impression that artificial intelligence is taking over the world. Our cars will drive themselves, our buildings will optimize their energy, accidents will be avoided, and we will be afforded every manner of convenience. Everything around us will be smart – looking out for our best interests, automating everything, providing new services, and generally making life wonderful. Many emerging technologies will have to come together to realize this vision, but perhaps artificial intelligence (in all its various forms) is the lynchpin.

This all sounds fantastic – and creates some great opportunities for the insurance industry to help policyholders reduce risks and improve their health and well-being. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a paradox – we will be expected to turn over the controls to AI-based machines while recognizing the fact that the AI in use, at least today, can be unreliable.

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