Insurance Supermarket’s iAgent will revolutionize the experience of buying insurance

Toronto, ON (Sept. 28, 2017) – Insurance Supermarket Inc. (ISI) is excited to announce a new program that will simplify access to life insurance for all Canadians.

“We know that many consumers research life insurance online before they make a purchase”, says Alex Dudarev, CEO of the ISI Group of Companies. “Unfortunately, like everything else online, there is a lot of information, both good and bad, and much of it is confusing. When confronted with too much information, often consumers become overwhelmed and their search for insurance ends there.”

ISI’s new and unique iAgent platform taps into leading-edge technology to help simplify the process by connecting interested consumers with advisors at a time when they are thinking about the need for life insurance. With this new platform they are putting professional advisors face-to-face in front of consumers in as little as 30 minutes in most major centres in Canada.

ISI’s iAgent platform will help ensure that the experience of becoming educated about life insurance products, and then purchasing those products, is a quick, comfortable and a very personal process for the consumer. Based on their historical results over the past 7 years, ISI anticipates that over 50,000 Canadian consumers will access the program to meet with a professional advisor within the first twelve months.

To deliver on this promise of a new, and better, consumer experience, ISI has partnered with insurer ivari and National Managing General Agents (MGAs) Financial Horizons, Hub Financial, IDC/Worldsource and PPI Solutions. Our new partnerships provide unprecedented access to the largest network of independent advisors across Canada.

About Insurance Supermarket

Founded in 2009, Insurance Supermarket Inc. (ISI) is a Canadian insurance technology firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Their proprietary technology platform has connected over 250,000 Canadians with a professional insurance advisor, providing death benefits totaling more than 10 billion dollars.

SOURCE: Insurance Supermarket Inc.