Canadians lose millions every year from identity theft and online scams

Aviva Canada debuts educational video and enhanced identity theft coverage for customers to mark Cyber Security Awareness Month

Toronto, ON (Oct. 2, 2017) – In 2016 alone, Canadians lost $40 million due to online scams. Millennials and Generation Z in particular have become natural targets because of their strong presence on social media. Online security breaches and identity theft are on the rise, which is why Aviva Canada is stepping up to help educate people on how to protect themselves and their families.

Watch this eye-opening interactive video to learn tips on how to avoid various theft tactics such as online scams and “skimming” – when thieves install a fake credit card reader to steal numbers and record PINs with small cameras.

“October is Cyber Security Awareness month and it’s more important than ever for Canadians to be vigilant with their personal information. From January 2014 to December 2016 alone, Canadians lost more than $290 million to identity theft fraud and online scams,” said Phil Gibson, Chief Underwriting Officer, Aviva Canada. “We want to empower people to protect themselves online and in daily interactions where they might be vulnerable.”

Aviva’s Identity Theft coverage is now even better

In the effort to better protect customers in case of identity theft, Aviva is also introducing enhancements to their Identity Theft coverage at no additional cost to existing customers. This offers customers even more peace of mind as they tap, swipe and click their way through life. As one of the most comprehensive on the market, it features widespread financial protection if the customer’s identity is compromised, including:

  • An increased limit of $40,000/policy term for all identity theft expense claims
  • A $5,000/policy term limit to cover any financial loss due to identity theft
  • 24/7 credit bureau monitoring and two credit bureau reports for six months after an identity
    theft claim
  • Access to your own identity theft case worker to help you identify and restore your finances and
    personal information after an identity theft claim

What is identify theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information without your knowledge or consent — like your credit card, your Social Insurance Number, or your name — to commit a crime, such as fraud or theft. Some common identity theft scams include creating false lines of credit and making purchases using a
stolen bank account or credit card.

According to the Ontario Securities Commission, your identity is at risk when:

  • You enter your credit card information online on a non-secure website,
  • You click on an email link from what looks like a legitimate bank or online shopping service (e.g. PayPal) and enter your account information,
  • Your personal information (Social Insurance Card, credit card or bank card) are stolen,
  • You give out your credit card’s three-digit security code over the phone to a scammer who claims to be from your financial institution, or
  • Anytime your personal information is available to others.

For more information about Aviva’s enhanced identity theft coverage, and to watch a video on tips to avoid identity theft, click here.

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