CSIO Offers Digital Document Solution to Members

Toronto, ON (Sept. 14, 2017) – The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) is pleased to announce that its industry-wide solution to deliver digital policy documents to consumers, including proof of auto insurance (eSlips), will be made available to members at no additional charge.

“Digital delivery of policy documents is a basic expectation for consumers,” says CSIO board member Christopher Harness, Senior Vice President, Solutions Delivery at Northbridge Financial Corporation. “Furthermore, we recognize that our industry as a whole will benefit from a uniform, standardized digital experience for consumers. Offering this solution, free of charge, simplifies the business case for implementation and encourages widespread adoption by members nationally.”

The industry solution leverages secure mobile digital wallets common to Apple, Android and Windows smartphones – the same technology that 57% of Canadians already use for boarding passes, event tickets, loyalty cards and credit cards.

“Today’s announcement marks an important milestone in our direction towards a fast, easy and convenient way for brokers and carriers to deliver policy documents for all lines of business, including eSlips, electronically to Canadians,” says Catherine Smola, CSIO President and CEO. “The board decision supports cooperation and collaboration within the industry for the benefit of all members and consumers.”

Release of the CSIO eSlips solution is expected by year-end. Sign up here to receive regular updates, or visit www.csio.com/eslips to learn more.

About the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

CSIO is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers and over 36,000 brokers. CSIO is committed to improving the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions such as eDocs, Telematics, eDelivery, eSignatures and eSlips. In addition, CSIO operates CSIOnet, a secure, industry-owned platform for the efficient exchange of policy information for the broker channel. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit www.csio.com.

SOURCE: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)


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