Debunking Common Misconceptions About Crime Insurance: The Guarantee

Toronto, ON (Aug. 31, 2017) – The Guarantee has released two new videos debunking common misconceptions about crime insurance:

“I Trust All of My Employees”

At The Guarantee, we understand that many people have uncertainties about the need to purchase Crime Insurance. While we agree that it is essential to have trust among employees to operate effectively, purchasing The Guarantee’s Crime Insurance Policy is a reinforcement of your commitment to your organization.

Watch this video to find out how buying crime insurance isn’t a betrayal of trust to your employees.

“We Have Coverage”

Sometimes, claims can exceed the limit available through a package policy, leaving corporations dealing with a much heavier loss. Those who were able to see the risks and purchase the appropriate coverage were glad they did. The Guarantee offers a robust Crime Shield Policy to ensure that your organization is protected.

Watch this video to find out why insufficient insurance is such a common industry trend.

About The Guarantee

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Source: The Guarantee Company of North America

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