APEXA Transforms Life Insurance Advisor Contracting and Compliance

Toronto, ON (Aug. 8, 2017 APEXA, the web-based national platform for life advisor onboarding, contracting and compliance, is now live.

APEXA brings higher standardization, clarity, timeliness and efficiency to contracting and compliance for life insurance industry stakeholders, providing each company with a platform to monitor licensing and compliance as part of a systematic industry-approved solution.

The current members of the APEXA governance board, comprised of four MGA organizations, Financial Horizons, HUB Financial, IDC Worldsource, PPI Solutions, and five carrier companies, Canada Life, Empire Life, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, and Sun Life Financial, are inviting life and health insurance advisors to onboard through this platform.

“As a group comprised of insurance carriers and MGAs, we’ve worked in close collaboration to provide knowledge and support to help APEXA Corp. in developing the APEXA service, a platform that is easy to use, will reduce administrative effort for all industry stakeholders and support them in meeting the growing number of regulatory obligations facing our industry,” said Julie Martin, AVP, Customer Experience, Manulife.

A monumental collaborative effort has been made by these leading carriers, MGA organizations, Bluesun and APEXA Corp. to bring APEXA to market. This new solution integrates into existing back office systems and processes, centralizes the storage and verification of licensing and compliance requirements and facilitates single or multiple contracting requests, transforming a paper and labour intensive environment into a streamlined digital solution.

Tonya Blackmore, CEO of APEXA Corp, states, “APEXA represents collaboration at its best.  We’ve transformed the Advisor onboarding and compliance processes by delivering a platform that provides a standardized approach and simplifies administration for Advisors, Carriers and MGA’s.  It’s a significant achievement and we can’t be more excited to be in this stage of rolling it out across the industry.”

Up to 85,000 life and health insurance advisors and corporations will receive invitations to register which will continue into 2018.

For information on APEXA, please visit www.apexa.ca.


APEXA is an industry led solution with the goal of bringing higher standardization, clarity, timeliness, and efficiency to contracting and compliance for all industry stakeholders. It will provide industry stakeholders the platform to screen and monitor licensing and compliance where it matters most – as part of a systematic industry approved national web-based solution. To learn more, visit www.apexa.ca or follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/apexa_corp.

APEXA is part of the LOGiQ3 Group. Operating in 14 countries, serving over 300 customers, LOGiQ3 Group empower clients to make the best decisions for their business, ultimately reducing exposure to operational and regulatory risks.

About Bluesun

Bluesun makes software solutions for the financial services industry and has over 30 clients in Canada and the US. Bluesun solutions handle almost 70% of all Canadian life insurance business in the independent channel.  For more information, visit www.bluesun.ca.

Source: APEXA

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