InsureLine Brokers opens first location inside Walmart

Port Coquitlam, B.C. (July 25, 2017) – Canada’s fastest-growing insurance broker network, InsureLine Brokers Inc., has opened its first location inside Walmart in Delta, BC at Scottsdale Mall. For the franchisee, this is their second InsureLine location after converting their first location, Infinity Insurance Services, based in Port Coquitlam. That brokerage is now to be called InsureLine Brokers (Infinity).

A little over 20 months into its operation, InsureLine has exploded to 15 locations in BC and Alberta, with more than 10 additional locations already signed up and awaiting onboarding. Operations are set to begin in Ontario by the end of Summer, 2017.

At its core, InsureLine is a consolidation model that allows broker-principals to retain 100% ownership in their business but gain access to the tools and technology that will enable them to remain competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of broker distribution.

InsureLine Brokers (Infinity) is the latest brokerage to convert into an InsureLine franchisee.  “As a single location independent broker, it was hard for us to compete against large multi-location brokers, and without access to more products and newer technology, it was very difficult for us to grow. By joining InsureLine, we have gained access to some of the nation’s best providers for insurance advice and products. In addition, InsureLine is helping our office to become paperless and will modernize our operation.” said Chanpreet Gill, Managing Partner of InsureLine Brokers (Infinity). “The biggest factor for us, however, was the opportunity for us to grow our business by opening a second location inside the Walmart Supercentre in Delta.  Our Team is pleased to be part of the InsureLine network of insurance brokers and we look forward to all the benefits that being part of InsureLine will bring to our office.”

Aly Kanji, President of InsureLine, said: “Many independent brokerage owners are at a cross-roads: do they spend money to modernize their brokerage to remain competitive? Do they build new websites and buy expensive broker management systems? Or should they cash out and sell? We provide an alternative whereby the broker principal retains 100% ownership of their business, they are essentially still an independent business owner, and yet they gain access to tools, technology, markets, products and new clients to enable them to continue to remain competitive and grow. The insurance industry is evolving: consolidation is creating ‘Super-Brokers’ that have size and scale to beat up on small independent brokers, and direct writers are continuing to eat up market share. Being part of InsureLine gives an independent brokerage the tools, technology, and leadership to continue to compete.  We are excited to now be joining forces with Walmart Canada, which will provide our franchisees and clients with an unparalleled level of convenience.”

InsureLine Brokers Inc. now open inside Walmart

InsureLine Brokers Inc. (InsureLine), has opened its first location inside Walmart in Delta, BC at Scottsdale Mall

About InsureLine: 

InsureLine Brokers is Canada’s fastest growing insurance broker network. Launched in November 2015, InsureLine has already been recognized by Insurance Business Canada as one of Canada’s Top Brokerages (2016). InsureLine is a franchise network that gives its members access to Canada’s leading Insurance Markets, and a cutting-edge technology platform that includes a custom broker management system, automated client stay-in-touch programs, among a host of other tools and services. InsureLine is affiliated with Dominion Lending Centres Group, which is Canada’s largest mortgage broker network. InsureLine’s ‘bricks and clicks’ strategy combines the service of brick and mortar locations with the convenience and availability of online tools and resources.

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InsureLine Locations:

In BC:

  1. InsureLine Brokers Inc., Port Coqutilam, BC (Head Office) – Aly Kanji ([email protected])
  2. InsureLine Brokers (Surrey Westgate), Surrey, BC – Gurpreet Aulakh ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (West Coast), Vancouver, BC – Geoff Willis ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Nexus), Coquitlam, BC – Ken Addison ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Auxilium), Victoria, BC – Michelle Mohahan-Brar ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (UNI), Richmond, BC – William Chan ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (ONE), Surrey, BC – Jonathan Cheng ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Island Living), Parksville, BC – Gillian Falk ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Infinity), Port Coquitlam, BC – Chanpreet Gill ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Scottsdale), Delta, BC – Harnaik Singh ([email protected])

In Alberta:

  1. InsureLine Brokers (Elite), Edmonton, AB – Collin Bruce ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Advantage), Edmonton, AB – Len Lane ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Complete), Calgary, AB – Richard DeGuzman ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (Verifive), Calgary, AB – Josh Lyttle ([email protected])
  1. InsureLine Brokers (EPC), Edmonton, AB – Ryan Fowler ([email protected])

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