New Appraisal/Total Loss Tool for Vehicles Reporting at Collision Reporting Centres

July 14, 2017 – Accident Support Services International Ltd. is working continuously to improve and enhance our collision reporting programs, solutions and services for our insurance and police partners. To this end, we are now preparing to roll-out our new Appraisal/Total Loss Tool. We are confident that this application will be of tremendous benefit to participating insurers.

ASSI Counselors will photograph each damaged vehicle brought to our Collision Reporting Centers. They will also record the severity of the damage to the vehicle by noting each area that is damaged and indicating whether that damage is repairable or requires replacement. In the background of the program, values have been set for each damage description based on the current market and taking into consideration the year and make of the vehicle, including a multiplier based on the age and type of vehicle (luxury or not). The resulting report will assign an estimated value for repair to each vehicle.

The Counselor will then go to a Total Loss Questionnaire composed of questions with weighted rankings to help determine whether the vehicle may be a potential total loss. If the score exceeds a set figure, an email alert will go out to the insurance partner notifying them of a potential total loss. This will enable insurers to avoid additional charges for towing and storage of a potential total loss and work with their insureds to fast-track claim settlement, saving additional time and rental car costs.

The benefits of this new value-added tool are tangible and will certainly assist our insurance partners to control their claims cost more efficiently.

About Accident Support Services International

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) is the private enterprise element of a partnership between Police, Insurance Companies and private enterprise. The company is the operator of several Collision Reporting Centers and the creator of a Microsoft Award Winning Collision Records Management Solution CROMS. ASSI has been providing professional collision management solutions since 1994.

Source: Accident Support Services International Ltd.

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