Aviva Canada and Sharp Mobile announce agreement to accelerate broker digitization

iMobilebroker platform offers brokers an “all carrier” digital and customer self-service insurance experience

July 11, 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Aviva Canada and Sharp Mobile have entered into an agreement to provide Canadian brokers access to the iMobilebroker platform, which consists of the iMobilebroker app, web portal and the expanded Broker Admin Data Portal.

“Aviva Canada is a leader in insurance innovation and remains strongly dedicated to the broker channel. Consumer expectations have changed – real time, online interaction is now the norm for an increasingly tech-savvy generation,” said Tom Reid, Executive Director of Digital Broker Strategy at Aviva Canada.

“The iMobilebroker platform provides a broker-branded customer experience where clients can access their full portfolio of insurance information from multiple companies. Through this partnership, Aviva Canada and Sharp Mobile are empowering brokers with the tools and the choice to interact with their customers who prefer a digital experience, while allowing brokers to unleash the power of their own data,” continued Reid.

The deal between Aviva Canada and Sharp Mobile will initially see Aviva Canada provide funding support to the first 50 qualified brokers for the iMobilebroker platform. A qualified broker, sponsored by Aviva, will be able to obtain a license from Sharp Mobile for a single brand with no cash outlay, and enjoy a 50% discount off the subsequent monthly license fee payable to Sharp Mobile for the first 12 months of the license term.

“As brokers, we need to do more to stand out in today’s competitive landscape. Our value proposition is that we represent the client, and we work with them to find the markets that best suit their needs,” said Mike Robinson, President of PBL Insurance. “Our clients don’t want multiple, varying channels to access their information. They want one, easy-to-use tool for all their policies and we should be providing it.”

“Use of the iMobilebroker app and data portal allows brokers to provide their customers with a broker-branded, 21st century digital insurance experience. It also reduces the number of non-revenue generating calls, meaning brokers will reduce operating costs while meeting the digital demands of their customers,” said Ken Sedgewick, Director of Sales for Sharp Mobile. “The iMobilebroker platform will also promote client retention and new business for brokers. This platform best meets the insurance consumer’s digital demands.”


  • With the Sharp iMobilebroker app, web portal and Broker Admin data portal, customers can access all their insurance information at their fingertips through their broker’s mobile app and online portal, anytime and anywhere, with any device.
  • The platform provides access to digital motor vehicle liability insurance card (pink card) for customer reference, policy details and payment details. Broker customers can also submit a claim, request policy changes and receive notifications from their brokerage such as policy updates and weather alerts.

About Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd:Created out of the need for technological advancements in the insurance brokerage industry, Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions geared towards the modern brokerage. Inspired by real-life, day-to-day insurance demands, Sharp Mobile created the industry’s first mobile app and online portal that offers clients full access to insurance documents and digital pink cards. The mobile app and online portal also support self-service tools including payment information, claims submittal and policy change requests. Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions for brokerages across Canada and is now working with several other industries to improve their digital offerings.

For more information, visit sharpmobile.ca, the company’s blog or Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

About Aviva Canada:

Aviva Canada Inc. is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in the country providing home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance to 2.9 million customers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc, the company has more than 4,000 employees focused on creating a bright and sustainable future for their customers and communities.

Aviva Canada invests in positive change through the Aviva Community Fund, Canada’s longest running online community funding competition. Since its inception in 2009, the Aviva Community Fund has awarded $7.5 million to over 250 charities and community groups nationwide. Aviva Canada, bringing over 300 years of good thinking and insurance solutions to Canadians from coast-to-coast.

For more information, visit avivacanada.com, the company’s blog or Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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