CROMS Now Accepting Photo Uploads from Drivers

Toronto, ON (July. 6, 2017) — Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI), facilitators of collision reporting servicing the insurance industry and police, is pleased to announce a new initiative to provide additional photographic evidence, including possible on-scene photographs, for insurers and police.

ASSI is currently accepting photographs taken by citizens involved in collisions. Our website at provides an option for drivers to upload personal photographs of their damaged vehicles, as well as other images from the accident scene. Counselors at the Collision Reporting Centers are also advising reporting drivers of this option during the interview process.

Drivers may email their on-scene photographs, information on their jurisdiction, full name, vehicle plate, insurance policy number and their ACC number to [email protected].

Photographs are collected and matched to CROMS reports through the information provided. The photographs are available as part of the individual driver’s CROMS ACC report and may also be accessed through the portal by insurers involved in the file. Citizen provided photos are identified as such in the report package.

CRC staff will continue to photograph every vehicle arriving at our centers as part of our established collision reporting process. CRC photos, which include all surfaces of the damaged vehicle, VIN, vehicle interior and tow truck information if applicable, are available to insurers as part of the collision report package through CROMS.

The implementation of our new photo upload service has been well received by citizens. Drivers have often offered to provide photographs they had captured with their cell phones at the scene. Police are pleased with the opportunity to have photographic evidence from the collision scene as part of the report to assist with any required investigation. These images may capture important details that might indicate the position of the vehicles at the time of impact and debris patterns. If a vehicle was deemed not drivable, images from the scene might also capture proof of fluid loss or other causes to verify a tow.

ASSI is confident that citizen photographs uploaded to CROMS will prove to be a benefit to our insurance partners as additional tools when used as part of their claims process.

For additional information, contact:

Rick Yates, Vice President
Accident Support Services International Ltd.
[email protected]

Source: Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI)

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