SPLICE Software Releases Groundbreaking New Data-Driven Voice Apps for Alexa Skills

Apps allow insurance, retail and finance companies to reach customers where they live

Chicago, IL (June 16, 2017) – SPLICE Software, which specializes in using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to drive customer engagement, announced today the release of new data-driven voice applications for Alexa Skills-enabled devices like Echo and Echo Dot. The company is developing applications for Google Home that will be released soon. Built on existing APIs for simple deployment, these applications allow insurance, retail and finance companies to engage in automated communication with customers where they live — in their homes.

Voice-activated, data-driven apps from third-party developers are a fast-growing feature set for popular artificial intelligence (AI) assistant devices like Echo. Alexa Skills can be added to the devices similarly to how apps are downloaded to smartphones to expand the functionality. SPLICE Software’s new Alexa Skills let customers ask about deliveries, appointments, service completion times and much more, giving insurance, retail and finance companies a new way to communicate with customers in their homes.

“People are embracing voice-activated AI assistants like Echo, and companies that want to be where their customers are will need to be able to communicate through these platforms,” says Tara Kelly, SPLICE Software President and CEO. “It seemed futuristic 10 years ago, but people are increasingly asking Alexa and Google questions out loud rather than typing queries into devices, and a presence on voice-activated, data-driven AI platforms will soon be as necessary for companies as a website was a generation ago.”

SPLICE Software’s data-driven voice apps have a broad range of uses that make automated communication on an AI assistant easier for companies and customers. For example, an insurance company customer can ask Alexa about the status of a rental car while vehicle repairs are underway. A furniture store customer can ask about a delivery or whether an ordered item is in stock. A credit union customer can ask about an upcoming appointment and request that an appointment be rescheduled.

Amazon has sold millions of Echo and Echo Dot devices and reports that the AI assistants were bestsellers during the holidays, and there are now more than 10,000 Alexa Skills available. But users don’t need an Echo or Dot to use Alexa Skills; many connected devices are Alexa-enabled. Samsung recently announced that two-way speakers in the company’s smart TVs are Alexa Skills-enabled, meaning customers can communicate with companies that use SPLICE Software’s data-driven Alexa Skills via compatible TVs.

SPLICE Software’s patented SPLICE Dialog Suite™ enables the creation of personalized, automated messages for customers, integrating data from multiple sources with scripted dialogues and customer analytics. Any existing data-driven dialogues currently used by insurance, retail or finance companies to deliver human voice communication via SPLICE are fully compatible with the new Alexa Skills and will soon be available on Google Home, expanding customer outreach to a new platform.

Recognized as a “2016 Cool Vendor” by industry analyst Gartner, SPLICE Software provides comprehensive automated communication solutions. Using proprietary technology, SPLICE integrates and applies data to allow companies to connect with customers across multiple platforms, including voice, text, social media and email.

About SPLICE Software

SPLICE Software offers a cloud-based Dialog Suite™ that specializes in using big data and artificial intelligence to create messages that drive customer engagement and the desired call to action. We use voice and SMS in the right moment of the customer journey. Our Suite enables you to collect and manage customers’ permissions and preferences so you can personalize, test and measure like never before. For more information, visit www.splicesoftware.com.


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