Xpera Launches Improved Technology Platform to Enhance Service to Clients

Edmonton, AB (June 15, 2017) – Xpera, Canada’s leading provider of Risk Mitigation and Investigation, is pleased to announce the launch of its new iConnect platform, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to client satisfaction and industry-leading technology.

iConnect 2.0 was designed to provide clients with an updated and modernized user interface, compatible with all major web browsers and mobile devices. As technology continues to play a larger role in both Investigation and Risk Mitigation, Xpera has enhanced its security requirements, and worked with clients to develop these technological improvements to incorporate real-time access to its service offerings.

The Xpera technical team has now integrated high-definition video, available for viewing and download, regardless of length or file size. Documents of all types are shared directly with the client. General usability and ease of access has been improved throughout the platform. Ability to assign and update files has been simplified, and improved functionality in support of client workflows helps Xpera ensure the client is receiving exactly what they need.

These enhancements provide Xpera clients with improved peace of mind, and greater ease of use for all tasks, from submitting assignments to sharing documents and utilizing the portal to communicate directly with an Xpera file manager.

“This is just another example of Xpera’s focus on combining our industry-leading expertise with industry-leading technology,” began Len Copp, President of Xpera. “The improvements in iConnect are notable and will enhance our client experience, while ensuring our client have access to the very best services.”

About Xpera

Xpera is Canada’s premier national provider of Risk Mitigation & Investigation. We provide innovative solutions that reduce risk, minimize loss and increase human safety, enabling our clients to function at their fullest potential. Through our suite of services we enable our clients to enhance business performance and insure operational continuity by providing the experts and the tools to manage all levels of risks. For more information, please visit xpera.ca.

Source: Xpera

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