XL Catlin Launches Contractors Pollution Liability Program

New Contractors Pollution Liability Express Program Provides Speed to Market, Streamlining the Environmental Insurance Underwriting Process

Exton, PA (June 13, 2017) – To provide our valued customers with speed to market and a streamlined environmental insurance underwriting approach for small to midsize construction firms, XL Catlin has launched its new Contractors Pollution Liability Express Program in the US and Canada.

“The very nature of day-to-day construction activities leaves most construction firms vulnerable to countless environmental liability exposures – from disruption of underground pollution in excavation activities to indoor air quality issues that emerge after construction is finished,” said Matt O’Malley, president of XL Catlin’s North America environmental insurance business. “Over the last 30 years, we’ve continued to develop environmental coverage to fill the gaps that other insurance coverages won’t touch. Now we’ve simplified the underwriting process to help small to mid-size contractors buy appropriate comprehensive coverage quickly and easily.”

According to Cathy Cleary, XL Catlin’s executive environmental underwriter, “The program is designed for construction firms with USD 50 million in projected revenue or less, providing them with comprehensive environmental insurance coverage that, based on our experience, carefully addresses their potential pollution liabilities from their contracting activities. Coverage is afforded for pollution conditions created or exacerbated at the contractor’s job site, during the course of transportation, disposal of waste at a non-owned disposal site and as a result of a sudden and accidental pollution incident on their scheduled property. Standard coverage is afforded for legionella, mold, asbestos and lead based paint exposures at the job site.”

After an easy application process, qualified construction firms are provided a quick blanket Contractors Pollution Legal Liability quote for consideration. The policy is available either on a claims-made or occurrence basis for a one-year term, with liability limits up to USD 5 million, along with a full set of standard endorsement enhancements including:

  • Renewal Certificate for ease of renewal
  • Legal Expense coverage of USD 1 million in addition to the Limits of Liability
  • Legal Expense for Disciplinary Proceedings in addition to the Limits of Liability of USD 10,000
  • Litigation and Subpoena Expense Coverage in addition to the Limits of Liability of USD 25,000
  • Mediation Credit up to a maximum of USD 25,000
  • Disaster Response Expense Coverage at Limits of Liability of USD 250,000
  • Green Building Materials at Limits of Liability of USD 250,000

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