Rogers Insurance partners with Megson FitzPatrick Insurance

Calgary, AB (May 17, 2017) – Rogers Insurance Ltd. is pleased to announce they have partnered with Victoria, B.C.-based Megson FitzPatrick Inc. effective May 5th, 2017. This partnership will begin with Rogers Insurance obtaining a minority shares purchase of Megson FitzPatrick.

“This partnership strengthens both organizations tremendously,” said Bruce Rabik, COO, Rogers Insurance. “Our market access and capabilities are expanded even further than before.”

Both brokerages are committed to strengthening the independent broker model and believe Rogers Insurance and Megson FitzPatrick Insurance will benefit from the expertise and capabilities of each brokerage – providing more comprehensive expertise and service offerings to their clients in addition to an expanded network of insurers to work with.

“We have long been searching for a brokerage model that provides the strength of scale, a willingness to invest in the future, a commitment to building a great culture for our team and the ability to provide competitive perpetuation solutions,” said Jay Tuson, CEO, Megson FitzPatrick. “Rogers Insurance has allowed us to customize a partnership that I believe is unique in the market and speaks to addressing many of the challenges small to medium size brokers are facing today. We are proud to partner with Rogers Insurance and look forward to the prosperity of both brokerages moving forward.”

The new partnership of Rogers Insurance and Megson FitzPatrick Insurance will bring the collective employee count to over 500.

About Rogers Insurance Ltd.

Rogers Insurance Ltd. is based in Calgary, AB with nine offices across the country and over 400 employees. One of the largest independent brokerages in Canada, Rogers provides commercial insurance, home and auto insurance, life and benefits, and high net worth insurance services. Rogers is employee-owned, and proud to be the most award-winning brokerage in Canada. Rogers is a member of the Canadian Broker Network (CBN) and Intersure, giving it affiliated offices across Canada, the US, and Mexico.

About Megson FitzPatrick Insurance

Megson FitzPatrick Insurance is based in Victoria, BC with six locations, including one in Vancouver, and over 100 employees. Their vision is to transform and expand into an even stronger, more agile, independent broker, where decisions are always based on delivering the best customer experience. Megson FitzPatrick provides commercial, home & personal, auto, life and benefits insurance. They have several insurance programs that are distributed through British Columbia.

SOURCE: Rogers Insurance Ltd.