CAA-Quebec Announces The Solution To Traffic: New Traffic Jam Insurance!

Quebec City, QC (March 31, 2017) – In an ocean of potential measures to help reduce the impacts of congestion, CAA-Quebec has come up with a rare pearl: Traffic Jam Insurance!

Quebecers can say goodbye to the negative consequences of sitting stuck in a sea of morning and evening gridlock thanks to the new coverage options available with CAA-Quebec Traffic Jam Insurance. The organization, which represents more than 1.2 million members, decided it was high time that it offered concrete solutions to motorists facing this increasingly serious issue:

  • CAA-Quebec recently unveiled the results of a study showing that 5 of the 20 worst bottlenecks in Canada are located in Montreal.
  • Quebec City is the only medium-sized urban area in the “top” 20, with traffic on Autoroute Henri-IV among the worst.
  • Time lost in these bottlenecks is estimated at more than 3 million hours per year.
  • In monetary terms, that translates to $77 million annually.

In response to these alarming numbers, CAA-Quebec will begin selling its Traffic Jam Insurance on April 1. No doubt about it: this exclusive, innovative insurance product means assistance and compensation in the event of any traffic-congestion-related inconvenience. Whether the problem is expenses due to late day-care arrivals, a missed business meeting, or a salmon steak that’s regained its zest for life, Traffic Jam Insurance is the solution!

“Since the launch of its home and auto insurance policies, CAA-Quebec has been working tirelessly to provide more products that meet the needs of its members. Today, we are proud to introduce this new product,” explains Sophie Gagnon, CAA-Quebec’s Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs.

Here are the main features of Traffic Jam Insurance:

  • Is your little one inconsolable in her car seat after an hour waiting in traffic? Cheer her up with a musician on call, who will be dispatched to your location in less than 29 minutes (the average response time for Roadside Assistance service).
  • Has your trip to the grocery store turned into a nightmare because your fish fillets are in desperate straits in the trunk? The Stay-Fresh Squad will save the day with a delivery of precious ice cubes.
  • Are you so discouraged that all you want to do is literally fly over the traffic? Add airlift coverage to your policy, and voilà! You’re eligible for emergency evacuation by helicopter.

Traffic Jam Insurance complements the existing range of reassuring auto, home or travel insurance coverage available from CAA-Quebec. Consumers can learn more about this new, innovative, must-have product.

The Scope of Traffic Jam Insurance (French only)