Keal eSIGN Gaining Momentum

Toronto, ON (Mar. 29, 2017) – Keal Technology brokers are realizing positive impact on their workflow efficiencies and paperless capabilities through adoption of Keal eSIGN. With Canadian brokerage usage of e-signature products at a startling low of 5%, Keal continues to prove their commitment to the country’s insurance industry by providing a strong integration that equips brokers with an “easy to adopt” e-signature process.

Drayton Valley Insurance Agency Ltd. has been serving the Drayton Valley, AB community and area for over 30 years. A family-owned, forward-thinking business, they believe in providing their clients with expert advice and quality products. As one of the first adopters of Keal eSIGN, the owner, Dale Jones says “Using Keal eSIGN has helped our brokerage and our customers by allowing us to have documents signed and returned in a timely manner without disrupting our customers’ busy schedules.”

Xenex automates the e-signature process life cycle with its secure e-Signature and Authentication System. SignatureMaster™ ensures that the three legal requirements governing electronic signatures are satisfied, as well as further strengthening the basic security requirements through additional digital authentication measures.

Lorice Haig of Xenex Enterprises Inc. reconfirmed his commitment to the Keal eSIGN solution. “Xenex is proud to partner with Keal Technology in this uniquely Canadian innovation and leadership in Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry” he said. “SignatureMaster has grown to be the premier Canadian electronic signature, seal and document verification solution for the Surety and Insurance Industry. The full and seamless integration with SIG, Keal’s Broker Management System, now brings the increased end-user convenience and productivity improvement of electronic signatures to both consumers and brokers of the P&C insurance lines of business.”

Furthermore, “with compatibility across all browsers, mobile and handheld technology devices, Keal eSIGN powered by SignatureMaster provides secure electronic signatures to insurance offerings and support to anybody anywhere. For the brokers, Keal eSIGN offers easy to use and highly secure insurance policy sales, service and support to the Canadian marketplace.”

Bill Redford, Vice President of Product Development at Keal says this about Keal eSIGN: “As expected the results are showing tremendous benefits for brokers and their clients alike. Client satisfaction is up for brokers who have adopted the Keal eSIGN tool, powered by SignatureMaster, into their process. We have heard stories of customers on holiday returning signed documents in minutes as the process is so secure, streamlined and mobile accessible. Keal continues to allow brokers to maximize ROI while increasing customer satisfaction and in turn customer retention.”

About Xenex Enterprises Inc.

Founded in 1983, Xenex designs, develops and hosts enterprise class software solutions. Serving clients across a wide variety of industries, Xenex’s line of products are both robust and platform independent. Xenex provides the only Canadian pure electronic signing and sealing solution that meets the stringent requirements of both the insurance and surety industries. For more information, visit

About Keal

Keal Technology is the expert in Canadian broker innovation and a leader in the BMS (Broker Management Systems) and CMS (Commercial Management Systems) marketplace for insurance and financial services brokers. They offer an integrated suite of products designed to increase revenue through efficient use of technology. In 2016, Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance technology, acquired Keal Technology, a leading provider of broker and commercial management systems in Canada. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Vertafore, Inc.