Power Broker And ClientDesk Integrate To Help Brokers Digitize

Toronto, ON (Mar. 15, 2017) – Power Broker, a top-tier Broker Management System, has integrated with ClientDesk to provide brokers with a full-suite, client-facing platform for engagement, self-service and claims.

“This is one of the most important launches for ClientDesk as we have been working closely with Zycomp Systems to be the official consumer-facing platform for all Power Broker users,” said Rajeev Kugan, CTO of ClientDesk. “Zycomp has shown great interest and support in taking part in ClientDesk’s innovative journey to become a leader in the insurtech space. We have been able to diversify the development of our platform by way of thorough collaboration and communication with Power Broker.

“Together, we have developed a full-fledged 2 way integration between the Broker Management System and the Consumer Portal,” said Steve Zylak from Zycomp. “It commences with an initial synchronization of customer, prospects, policies and claims that can go back in time as far as the brokerage desires. Daily synchronization is maintained automatically through the Brokerage’s Windows Task Scheduler, so that the records on the Portal are constantly in sync with those on the BMS. All Lines of Business are supported; Power Broker allows ClientDesk to pull in the downloaded Insurer data as well as all the personal and policy details. All abeyances and activities performed on the ClientDesk Portal are recorded in the customer file in the BMS and can be launched for viewing or retrieval just like any other Abeyance / Document entry in Power Broker. Working with ClientDesk has been an amazing experience; I am truly looking forward to growing together.”

“I am proud to be working alongside Steve Zylak and the Power Broker team to provide an integrated solution to Brokers,” added Newton Asare, CEO of ClientDesk. “An integrated platform will eliminate workflow fragmentation for brokers and increases overall productivity. The insurance market is becoming much more competitive based on leveraging digital tools such as the web and mobile apps, however, integrated mobile apps and web portals take things one step further.”

About ClientDesk – The Digital Insurance Platform

ClientDesk is a software platform, built for brokerages, which powers core functions of the digital insurance experience such as Engagement, Self Service and FNOL Management. ClientDesk provides white-labeled policyholder web portals and mobile apps, as well as a management dashboard used internally by brokers or CSR’s. The platform can also be integrated with broker management systems through an automated web services call or a batch process, enabling the transfer of policyholder data and activity logs. The platform uses real-time API service calls to integrate with Broker Management Systems, Policy Admin Systems and other Third Party Services. For more information, please visit www.clientdesk.co.

About Power Broker

Power Broker is a ‘complete’ customer and policy management system with a full accounting program, operating in a user-friendly environment. It supports EDI Upload/Download, Electronic Documents Management, and many other integrations such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and two quotation programs. It’s the best product with the best price with the best support for your insurance management needs! For more information, please visit www.power-broker.com.

Source: ClientDesk

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