DrivSafe Launches Mobile Telematics in Canada

DrivSafe telematics helps auto insurance companies identify good drivers and offer them lower rates

Toronto, ON (Mar. 9, 2017) – DrivSafe, a US-based pioneer in mobile telematics solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile app in Canada. DrivSafe mobile app helps auto insurance companies to evaluate the driving habits of their policyholders in order to offer discounts to good drivers.

Since traditional methods for auto insurance pricing relies on socio-economic profile and does not take into account actual driving behavior, DrivSafe mobile telematics offers an economical way to improve pricing accuracy by including driving habits into the traditional pricing process.

The DrivSafe app is available for iPhone and Android-based smartphones and may be downloaded from Apple iTunes and Google Play. The app is free for personal use for all drivers.

The DrivSafe smartphone app is based on the company’s proprietary technology that evaluates driving behavior on multiple dimensions like distance travelled, speed, time of day, geographic footprint, distractions while driving etc. These dimensions have been shown to correlate with the chances of getting into auto accidents. This unique system to monitor and evaluate driver behavior was awarded patent rights in Canada last year.

The DrivSafe app compares the driving behavior of individual drivers to other drivers and gives them a personalized report-card. The scores in the report-card ranges from A to F, with A being the best score and F being fail. The scores are displayed through an easy to understand graphical interface in the app. Further, the DrivSafe mobile telematics app provides tips to drivers on how to improve their driving habits. This would help individuals save money on their auto insurance premiums and improve overall road safety.


DrivSafe smartphone telematics system (screenshot)

DrivSafe smartphone telematics system

About DrivSafe

DrivSafe is a US-based company that specializes in telematics and analytical solutions for the auto insurance industry. For more information about DrivSafe, visit www.DrivSafe.com.

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