Improving Efficiency, Capturing New Opportunity With Smart Forms

2017 ICTA Nomination.   Technology by Xpertdoc Technologies and eSignLive by Vasco.

GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions develops Employee GroupHealth Benefit programs for insurers and brokers. They work with more than 3,900 client organizations across Canada in both the public and private sectors and support more than 426,000 Canadians.

They were faced with a lengthy, inefficient industry standard manual paper-based enrollment process, requiring a lot of back and forth between them and their customers which delayed the enrollment process and diminished the overall customer experience. GroupHEALTH knew that even though the existing paper enrolment process was standard across the industry, it did not have to be their standard.

GroupHEALTH turned to Xpertdoc Technologies, a global software company and Microsoft Gold Partner located in Montreal, that provides industry-leading document generation and customer communications management (CCM) solutions, to help them solve this challenge. Xpertdoc partnered with Montreal-based eSignLive – an electronic signature provider that enables documents to be securely signed electronically on any device and together, Xpertdoc and eSignLive helped GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions improve client experience and increase enrollment efficiencies that no other provider could offer.

Prior to selecting Xpertdoc, GroupHEALTH’s lengthy and inefficient enrollment process required them to send new clients customized forms, which had to be filled out manually and returned, often by fax or mail. GroupHEALTH was then tasked with identifying errors such as missing or incomplete forms, illegible handwriting, etc. and trying to resolve them with an employer directly.

The back-and-forth was time consuming and didn’t meet GroupHEALTH’s high standards for client experience. The company wanted to improve the onboarding experience for its clients and improve internal efficiencies to provide more time for the Client Services team to focus on serving members.

As part of the Xpertdoc solution, GroupHEALTH implemented Xpertdoc Smart Forms technology that provides customers with a pre-filled online enrollment form guiding them through the enrollment process. Leveraging business rules, this will ensure that employees complete the enrollment form completely and accurately the first time.

Once they complete the Smart Form input, they will use eSignLive’s e-signature capability to finalize enrollment. The enrollment data will automatically be captured and entered GroupHEALTH’s back office administration system; WEBS. During this enrollment process, the Xpertdoc Smart Forms will also present GroupHEALTH’s optional benefit offerings in a very professional manner with embedded educational videos and content.

GroupHEALTH knew they needed an onboarding process that improved the user experience for both customers and employees. After careful consideration, they selected Xpertdoc/eSignLive because they were the only company that provided an automated option that fit the requirements the company needed, allowing them to improve their client experience, while also offering a way to increase sales and reduce costs.

Business Impact

While drastically improving the efficiency of the enrollment process resulting in much lower costs and radically improving the customer experience, the real driver and ultimate benefit to GroupHEALTH is the ability to educate enrollees on optional benefits to drive additional sales that GroupHEALTH desires. In assessing their historical enrollment data, they determined that employees do not purchase the highly profitable optional benefits largely because they do not understand them. By creating highly intuitive Xpertdoc Smart Forms that include intuitive instructions, informational videos and multi-media content, GroupHEALTH is increasing the acceptance of these optional benefits and driving profitable revenue that was previously being missed.

About GroupHEALTH

Leaders in employee benefits plans and group insurance, the GroupHEALTH Family of Companies has more than 350 employees in offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Etobicoke, Woodbridge and Barrie. With annual premiums in excess of $450 million and $3.78 billion in pension assets under management, GroupHEALTH insures more than 3,900 client organizations across Canada in both the public and private sectors, supporting more than 426,000 Canadians and their families. For more information, visit

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eSignLive is an electronic signature solution that enables documents to be securely signed electronically on any device. Organizations use eSignLive to improve customer experience, increase productivity and reduce errors and costs by automating workflows and enforcing business rules throughout. For more information, visit

Source: GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions

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