Now Launching … ERIS Direct

Toronto, ON (Nov. 21, 2016) – ERIS is excited to announce ERIS DIRECT.

“ERIS DIRECT is a new online subscription service that provides real-time environmental risk information for properties throughout the US and Canada. Searches can be performed on individual addresses and/or company names, and results are returned immediately. Easy filtering tools allow you to drill down to the information you want to include in your choice of file output. No need to sift through pages and pages of results.

ERIS DIRECT can quickly evaluate property condition of environmental perils for site selection, financing, underwriting, financial reporting, legal due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and environmental audits.

Its many features include:

  • Save search criteria and results;
  • Combine the results from many searches on one report;
  • Drill down to the information you need with Country, State/Prov and Data Source filters;
  • Easily review records in your searches and choose to include or exclude them from your report;
  • Choose the file format of the final output;
  • View the projects your staff are working on and see the status;
  • Make projects ‘private’ to ensure confidentiality or ‘public’ to facilitate collaboration across individuals and offices.

To learn how ERIS DIRECT will change the landscape for identifying environmental risk, call your Regional Account Manager today, or contact ERIS directly at 1-866-517-5204 or [email protected].

About ERIS

Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS) has been providing critical risk and historical information on properties in Canada since 1999. In late 2013, ERIS launched in the United States, as the first and only company to provide environmental risk information for both countries. ERIS reports meet criteria set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ERIS delivers accurate, affordable, comprehensive on-demand database research services quickly and with a service-first attitude.

Source: Ecolog Environmental Risk Information Services Ltd. (ERIS)