The Most Expensive (and Cheapest) Areas for Car Insurance in Toronto

Depending on where you live in the city, you could be paying as much as $955 more for auto insurance than your fellow Torontonians, rankings reveal

Toronto, ON (Nov. 15, 2016) – If you live in the north, east or west ends of the city, chances are you’re paying higher-than-average car insurance premiums, according to the results of’s 2nd annual list of the most expensive areas for car insurance in Toronto. This year, drivers in Scarborough’s Malvern and Rouge neighbourhoods are paying the highest rate in the city – an estimated $2,595 annually for car insurance. The data comes from InsuraMap – a interactive tool which allows motorists to compare estimated auto insurance premiums according to their postal code.

“Where you live can directly affect what you pay for auto insurance, and as we see from InsuraMap, rates can vary sharply within a single municipality,” says Janine White, VP of “That said, Toronto drivers in general, pay some of the highest premiums in the province, about 30 per cent more.”

The Most Expensive Areas for Car Insurance

This year, the estimated annual auto insurance rate for a Toronto driver is $1,886 – that’s $438 more than the Ontario average of $1,448.

Rank Postal Code Estimated Premium* Neighbourhood
1(a) M1B $2,595 Scarborough (Malvern)
1(b) M1X $2,595 Scarborough (Rouge)
3(a) M3N $2,428 North York (Glenfield-Jane Heights)
3(b) M6E $2,428 Toronto (Oakwood Village)
3(c) M6M $2,428 York (Keelesdale-Eglinton West)

* Figures are based on the cheapest available option for a single 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record.

The Cheapest Areas for Car Insurance

Meanwhile, drivers residing in midtown and central Toronto are paying the lowest premiums. The following five areas all come in at an estimated premium of $1,640 per year:

Rank Postal Code Estimated Premium* Neighbourhood
1(a) M6H $1,640 Toronto (Palmerston-Little Italy)
1(b) M6G $1,640 Toronto (Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction)
1(c) M6C $1,640 Toronto (Forest Hill North)
1(d) M4V $1,640 Toronto (Forest Hill North)
1(e) M5P $1,640 Toronto (Yonge-Eglinton)

To view the full lists, click here.

Where Does my Neighbourhood Rank?

If you live in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area or anywhere else in Ontario, you can visit InsuraMap to compare auto insurance rates. But you don’t need to relocate if you’re paying more than the typical rate. Maintain a clean driving record, bundle your auto and home insurance policies, install winter tires and pay your premiums in one lump sum instead of monthly to help you save. And there’s something else motorists shouldn’t forget.

“The most important thing drivers should be doing is comparing rates,” says White. “Don’t wait until it’s time to renew. Shop the market now and make sure you’re getting the best rate possible. We’ve found at, drivers can save an average of $750 just from comparing quotes.”

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