An Analytics Checklist To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

By Jeff Alford, SAS Insights editor

Toronto, ON (Oct. 26, 2016) – In the same way that a simple checklist can make a difference in life-and-death situations – EMS for example – a list can make a difference in marketing.

David Stodder has created a seven-item best practices list that can help marketing organizations use the full power of their analytics to get the most value from their hard-won and important customer data:

  • Data management: Improvements equal strategic advantages – pick the tactics best for your objectives, move forward, and revisit;
  • Data governance: Protect their privacy;
  • Visual analytics: Put your data in action;
  • Analytics: Being predictive to make you more proactive;
  • Personalization: Complexity increases as your company grows;
  • Customer-facing operations: Become more agile;
  • Improved customer experiences: Where rubber and road meet.

For a succinct description of each of the above items, and to access David Stodder’s new TDWI report, Best Practices for Delivering Actionable Customer Intelligence, please click here.

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