The Customer Journey: To Leverage Data, Context is Key

Toronto, ON (Oct. 21, 2016) – The customer experience and the customer journey are at the core of a revolution in the making. The few companies which are leaders in this space have reported benefits ranging from increased profit to higher stock prices, but most enterprises are in early stages of their own customer-centric journey.

The good news is that companies can be positioned to make these early visions a reality. Why? Because innovations in digital technologies are yielding an explosion of data. Data that can help us understand customers more thoroughly than ever before. Data that can be mapped both to and from customer journeys. Data that can finally facilitate the breakthrough in customer experience that we are all looking for.

Real-time communications delivered in the right moments should tell customers, “we know you, we hear what you are telling us, we reward your loyalty, we encourage your engagement, and we will accommodate your journey.” Properly using this data can also help to overcome some of the organizational and data problems companies are having managing the journey.

Using this data to drive a contextual understanding of each interaction is where the real benefits accrue. The data needed to understand context comes from every facet of customer activity:

  • One category of data includes purchases, transaction history, customer demographics and on-site interactions (call center, in-store, or branch).
  • A second category includes social media activity and networks, complaints and emails, voice of the customer interactions, market research and psychographic information.
  • The last category of data includes web and mobile activity, location and GPS services, and beacon and sensor information.

Data-driven experience management can yield tremendous benefit if contextual understanding is applied to customer communications at the right point in the journey.

For a deeper explanation, read the SAS Insight “Linking data to the customer journey,” by Lisa Loftis, SAS Best Practices.

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