Next-Level Broker Interaction from Sharp Mobile

Calgary, AB (Oct. 19, 2016) – Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd., introduces two new features to be released on the iMobileBroker app and online portal. The new features will reinvent how brokers interact with clients and will be a game-changer for many independent brokerages in the industry.

The first new feature to be released is the advanced targeted reporting tool. The iMobileBroker reporting capabilities will allow brokers to instantly pull a myriad of reports that will enable them to target specific clients. Reporting features include vehicle information (useful in the event of vehicle recalls), renewal dates, client demographics, birthdates, and so much more. This sophisticated data mining tool is miles ahead of most BMS system due to its speed and user-friendly interface.

The second feature to be released is targeted and automated push notifications. All of the data brokers collect from the iMobileBroker reporting tool can be used to send pertinent push notifications to clients. For example, a brokerage can instantly send a recall alert, pink card expiry alert, or renewal notice. Through custom notifications, brokers are now able to interact with clients on a personal level which may not have been a feasible option for brokerages in the past.

Ken Sedgewick, Director, Sales at Sharp Mobile understands firsthand the pressures brokers face today: “With the presence of more and more direct insurance channels, brokers need a much more quick and efficient way of communicating with their clients to reiterate their value proposition. Previously, this required some type of large export from the BMS, refine the spreadsheet, then load it into an email newsletter provider and send it out. You’re looking at probably a half day of work. With this release we can send highly targeted messages to clients using the mobile app and online portal in under 10 minutes. Now that’s powerful!”

The push notifications also feature automated weather alerts that are based on a client’s postal code. The weather alerts are programmed by Sharp Mobile and requires no work on the broker’s end. This feature could help clients mitigate damage due to weather related claims such as hail, snow, wind and rain, which could, in turn, decrease a brokerage’s claims-loss ratio.

“We are always trying to find ways to continually improve the customer experience and engage the customer in unique and creative ways….not just at the time of purchase and renewal,” asserts Sherif Gemayel, President of Sharp Mobile. The technology company continues to work on building features that cater to the modern brokerage and their modern clients. Sharp Mobile will be at the IBAO Convention this week. For more information about Sharp Mobile’s iMobileBroker platform, please contact Ken Sedgewick at [email protected].

About Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.

Created out of the need for technological improvements in the insurance brokerage industry, Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions geared towards the modern consumer. Inspired by real-life, day-to-day insurance demands, Sharp Mobile has created the industry’s first mobile app and online portal that offer clients full access to insurance documents and account information. The app and online portal also supports self-service tools including payment information, claims submittal and policy change requests. Sharp Mobile provides digital solutions for brokerages across Canada, and is now working with several other industries to improve their digital offerings. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.