King International Announces UAV (Drone) Services

Toronto, ON (Oct. 19, 2016) – Brian D. King, President & CEO of King International Advisory Group Inc., is proud to announce the launch of our unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) services.

Our UAVs are piloted by Transport Canada certified pilots across Canada holding standing Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOCs). We are now capable of flying within 400 feet above ground level in any season to help provide aerial intelligence to our client base where it was either cost-prohibitive with manned aircraft or that would have placed our investigators in dangerous conditions working from heights.

KIAG drones are capable of lifting off within a 24 to 48-hour window to aide in providing higher resolution images and 4k videos from the safety of a ground control station.

Mr. King advises, “The applications for insurers and government agencies and multi-national corporations is far reaching. We are able to provide close-up high resolution photography of hard to get at accident scenes and property damage sites from a variety of angles and heights, which helps defence counsel and risk managers better access their liability in a wide variety of matters. The fact that we can get to sites quickly to address real life conditions is a huge factor in many of the matters we deal with.”

Please note that the KIAG Drone Service is only conducted in PIPEDA compliant matters and we only fly over public lands and private lands where we have written permission. This service is not utilized in bodily injury surveillance claims.

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Source: King International Advisory Group