ACT Strategic Future Issues Work Group releases Hard Trends report

Alexandria, VA (Oct. 17, 2016) – HARD TRENDS are trends the Strategic Future Issues Work Group believes are permanent and that are ushering in cultural and societal change. Proactively adapting to these changes is the challenge that lies before us.

In 2013, we identified seven trends: social culture, connected society, mobile and mobility, demographic/diversity transformation, growing availability of big data and actionable business intelligence, changing nature of insurance risk, and information security regulation.

In early 2015, we began the process of reviewing and evaluating the 2013 trends to update them and highlight the major trends that will impact our industry over the next few years. These hard trends are the foundation for developing the industry’s “Must-Do” recommendations, action, and responses to the challenges and opportunities presented by the hard trends.

We evaluated the trends within the context of the customer journey. Regardless of the trend, we assessed the impact the trend has on the customer’s experience interacting with our industry—a journey that for many begins in the palm of their hand.

We recognize that many of the examples used to help define the hard trends are themselves constantly changing. While they may not be hard trends, they are “indicators” or “influencers” of the larger hard trends. Also, this is intended to be a living document that will grow and change over time. It’s designed to encourage dialogue, debate and discussion.

The Hard Trends:

  • Mobile First
  • Social Culture/Digital Transformation/Internet of Me
  • Connected Society
  • Demographic/Segmentation & Personalization
  • Growing Availability of Big Data and Actionable Business Intelligence
  • Changing Nature of Insurance Risk
  • Information Security & Privacy Regulation – Cyber Liability

Download the complete Hard Trends report for more details.

Note: The Trends Report is the first phase of a two-part initiative. In phase one, the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) Strategic Future Issues Work Group identified the key trends that will affect the future of the independent agency system. In phase two, the report develops the industry “Must-Do” undertakings, which are the key action items the industry should pursue in response to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the hard trends.

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