Applied Systems Unveils New Product Capabilities across Portfolio to Further Connect the Business of Insurance

New and enhanced capabilities of leading Applied technologies will enable agencies, brokerages and insurers to drive profitability at each stage of the insurance lifecycle

University Park, IL (Sept. 26, 2016) – Applied Systems has announced innovative product updates across its product portfolio at Applied Net 2016, the flagship conference and the world’s largest gathering of independent agents, brokers and insurers, at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando. To deliver agencies and brokerages a connected insurance experience in today’s connected world, the company will introduce new capabilities into its entire product portfolio that will allow agencies and brokerages to automate operations and more quickly capitalize on profitable business opportunities.

“Insurance today demands higher levels of integration, connectivity, and enhanced digital interaction among the key constituents of the insurance lifecycle,” said Michael Howe, senior vice president of Product Management, Applied Systems. “Building on our history of first-to-market technologies and continued innovation, these upcoming strategic product releases will enable agencies and brokerages to better deliver on the current expectation among consumers for digital connectivity. The company remains focused on ensuring that agencies and brokerages can create a truly connected business, with the best management systems on the market and innovative mobile apps for their staff.”

The Connected Agency and Brokerage

Applied Epic

Applied Epic, the fastest-growing cloud-based agency and brokerage management system in the world, is the most technologically advanced software application for independent insurance agencies and brokerages to automate business operations and drive connectivity to insurers and insureds. Applied Epic 2017 enables agencies and brokerages to expand benefits management through fully customizable self-funding plans and automation of renewal and re-marketing benefits workflows. Agencies and brokerages will also gain additional sales insights through executive dashboards and customized sales stages by line of business. Applied Epic 2017 continues to enhance its modern navigation and streamlined workflows to foster greater productivity. Release highlights include:

  • Automated Benefits renewal: Enables agencies and brokerages to automate renewal and re-marketing workflows for benefits policies by prefilling client information on custom forms and supplemental forms, reducing duplicative data entry and minimizing E&O exposure. Additionally, for agencies and brokerages that manage self-funded benefits plans, Applied Epic 2017 supports the import of fully customized forms and tracks self-funded plan development for each of the six base benefits lines of business, providing a single view of your entire benefits package.
  • Customized and dynamic Sales Automation: Delivers new executive level dashboards that provide insight into sales activity, including New Business and Renewal Business year-to-date, hit ratio, and opportunity to close rate among others, across the organization to more closely track pipeline and growth. With the latest release, agencies and brokerages can customize Epic Sales Automation to track user-defined sales stages by line of business that are unique to their specific sales processes, ensuring consistent company-wide sales operations. Integration with Applied Mobile extends these sales tracking capabilities to staff in the field.

Applied TAM

Applied TAM, the world’s most widely used agency and brokerage management system, provides agencies and brokerages the ability to automate daily operational processes, management of client policy information and connectivity with carriers and insureds. Dedicated to investing in and advancing the future of Applied TAM, the latest version of the world’s most widely used agency and brokerage management system, TAM 2016, delivers new capabilities to increase insurer connections and further automate business operations. Key enhancements include:

  • Market Appetite: Delivers the first-to-market integrated capability to match carrier appetite with an agency’s new business opportunities. Agents can now easily search and assess carrier appetite for specific risks and no longer need to manually reference outdated carrier appetite guides or log in to multiple websites to determine risk appetite.
  • Document Management Capabilities: Expands document management capabilities so users can now save time and keystrokes by easily and quickly moving attachments from one entity, policy, or claim to another. Additionally, staff can attach new files in Applied TAM and associate them to existing activities, minimizing the number of activities to look through when searching for a file.

Applied Mobile

Applied Mobile is a purpose-built app that enables insurance agency and brokerage staff to access and manage client, prospect, and insurance information from their management system anywhere, anytime via a mobile smartphone or tablet device. The native mobile app allows users to stay connected on-the-go with a direct link to information in their agency or brokerage management system, providing access to view accounts, contact details and insurance policy information, add prospects, create and manage activities, automate sales operations, and offers risk assessment tools that enable producers to accurately sell more lines of business. Added capabilities to Applied Mobile 2017 will include:

  • Modern user interface: Delivers an enhanced user experience with simplified workflows and quick access to information.
  • Enhanced document access: Increases integration with the management system to further extend real-time access and exchange of client and prospect documents, including certificates endorsements, claims documents and proposals, enabling staff to provide more timely and complete client service.

Applied PerformanceManagement

Applied PerformanceManagement is the first purpose-built data analytics solution developed exclusively for the independent insurance agency and brokerage industry. Applied PerformanceManagement allows agencies and brokerages to make quicker, more informed business decisions. The solution leverages existing agency andbrokerage management system data in an easy-to-consume visual interface that provides new insights into the operations of the business. Applied PerformanceManagement 2017 will provide an enhanced user interface with more view explanations, access to additional data details, quicker refreshes of data, and a common layout across all dashboards.

The Connected Insured

Applied CSR24

Applied CSR24, the leading cloud-based client self-service software, enables agencies and brokerages to meet today’s insurance consumer demand for anywhere, anytime access to information. The application provides 24/7 access to insurance policy information, claims filing and processing, premium payments, and insurance documents through an online custom-branded client portal or mobile application via Applied MobileInsured. Applied CSR24 2017 enables agencies and brokerages to further elevate their connected customer experience and improve productivity through enhanced usability and online client self-service capabilities and tighter integration with their agency or brokerage management system. Key enhancements include:

  • Enhanced usability: Further extends the completely redesigned user interface across the portal site with improved navigation for a simpler, more modern user experience for both the insured and agents and brokers.
  • Expanded global bill pay capabilities: Through a new partnership with Open Edge payments, all North American and UK users have even more online bill pay options to support unique insured needs and automate agency and brokerage operations.

Applied MobileInsured

Applied MobileInsured is the industry’s first native, branded mobile application for agencies and brokerage to provide mobile client self-service via iOS or Android smartphone devices. Available at the tap of an icon, clients have quicker, more convenient access to insurance information while on-the-go. The latest release of Applied MobileInsured enables agencies and brokerages to extend mobile access to additional information and the ability to initiate actions back to their agents and brokers from the app. New release capabilities include:

  • Pay on-the-go: Extends the online insured bill-pay options to in-app functionality, keeping insureds connected to their policy premiums 24/7.
  • Claims and policy requests: Provides insureds the ability to initiate and track claims from the app, including sending image documentation of the event, and request policy changes, like adding a vehicle, all directly from their smartphone.

Applied Rating Services

Applied Rating Services, Canada’s leading comparative rating service, streamlines rating activities by providing greater connectivity between brokerages, insurers, and insurance consumers to manage sales and underwriting in a more timely fashion. Applied’s comprehensive portfolio of rating services delivers quick and accurate insurance pricing and rate comparisons for automobile insurance through Applied AutoRater and property insurance with Applied PropertyRater. Applied Rating Services 2017 offers users new capabilities, including support of eSignature to automate paperless deliver of policy application documents. In addition, the application has a refreshed look and feel to match our flagship Broker Management System, Applied Epic, and includes a new Help feature to facilitate self-support and assist with user workflow. Additionally, users will have:

  • Enhanced brokerage management system integration: With Applied TAM, users can directly launch Applied ITV within the application, reducing keystrokes for improved efficiency. Additionally, tighter integration enables brokers to define the order of the document attachments and rename PDFs prior to attaching them in the broker management system.
  • eSignature capabilities: In collaboration with Citrix, brokers will be able to automate eSignature workflows from Applied Rating Services 2017, simplifying internal processes and providing an enhanced customer experience.

The Connected Insurer

Applied Rater

Applied Rater is a cloud-based insurance quoting solution for independent agencies that provides the industry’s most accurate rates for more than 500 insurance carriers nationwide – the broadest coverage of any rating provider in the United States today. Applied Rater enhances agencies’ competitive value by delivering fast, accurate quoting that improves productivity and enhances customer service to drive business growth and profitability. Key upcoming enhancements include:

  • Data Prefill: Enables agents to lookup all drivers and vehicles in the household, along with pulling details on the physical dwelling itself, based only on an individual’s name, address, and date of birth. All information found is pulled into a new quote with no additional typing, increasing speed to service and reducing data entry errors or omissions.
  • Real-Time Rating Expansion: Alongside its industry leading portfolio of 6,000 products supported by Live Fill, Applied Rater now has the ability to instantly rate over 200 carrier products via IVANS Real-Time Rating to provide one-click, instant rating.

IVANS Exchange

IVANS Exchange enables agencies, carriers and MGAs to access, review and effectively manage download connections through a single platform to drive higher productivity and better service across the insurance lifecycle. IVANS Exchange 2017 provides a simpler way for agencies, carriers and MGAs to review connections opportunities, create customized connections reports, and proactively engage all parties to respond to connections requests. IVANS Exchange 2017 will include:

  • Automated connections notifications: This new feature automates push notifications regarding changes to connections. Agencies and carriers will automatically receive their connection report activity via email, promoting immediate action by agencies and carriers to begin managing these downloads.
  • Usability enhancements: This new feature adds carrier contact information to agency connections reports so agents can quickly contact the right individual at the carrier to begin download. Carriers will also be able to automatically invite agencies to complete their IVANS Exchange account registration from within the application, increasing connectivity and agency engagement.

IVANS Market Appetite

IVANS Market Appetite is an innovative search engine for property and casualty insurance agents and brokers to quickly identify markets for commercial lines risks. IVANS Market Appetite continues to expand coverage with more than 1,000 markets, 2,000 classes, 15 lines of business, and all 50 states. Key upcoming enhancements include:

  • Custom Carrier Content: Stated carrier appetite enables agents to more quickly identify unique carrier solutions that allow agents to offer differentiated solutions for clients’ needs.
  • Auto appointments: Supports agents finding the right markets even faster, further automating agency operations and carrier relationship management.

IVANS Market Manager

IVANS Market Manager provides agencies with new carrier data insights and greater visibility into their commercial book of business by carrier to make more informed business decisions. Through easy-to-use dashboards, agencies can review expected renewal rate change and evaluate their commercial carrier mix compared to industry averages across multiple lines of business. With increased visibility, IVANS Market Manager enables agencies and carriers to make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability with new and optimized agency-carrier relationships.

  • Better manage renewal price rate: IVANS Market Manager provides market data to anticipate renewal price rate change based on historical trends, enabling agencies to identify the best markets for renewals and forecast renewal profitability. Additionally, with insight into carrier mix, IVANS Market Manager enables agencies to review current – and prospective – carrier relationships to manage those relationships more profitably.
  • Improved carrier relationships: IVANS Market Manager allows carriers and agents to more effectively manage their relationships and the appointment process. Through easy-to-use dashboards, both agencies and carriers gain access to information allowing them to more effectively partner regarding desired business opportunities.

About Applied Systems

Applied Systems is the leading global provider of cloud-based software that powers the business of insurance. Recognized as a pioneer in insurance automation and data exchange between brokerages, insurers and their clients, Applied is the world’s largest provider of agency and brokerage management systems, serving customers throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. By automating the insurance lifecycle, Applied enables millions of people around the world to safeguard and protect what matters most.

SOURCE: Applied Systems