CCC DRIVE Platform Harnesses the Power of Telematics to Significantly Improve Claims Management

New suite of telematics-enabled claims offerings uses real-time driving data to automatically detect a crash, initiate the FNOL process, predict the optimal method-of-inspection, and determine the likelihood of physical injury at the moment of impact

Chicago, IL (Sept. 9, 2016) – CCC Information Services Inc. (“CCC”), together with its affiliated companies, has launched a new suite of telematics-enabled claims offerings that will improve and speed accident notification along with the steps and decisions undertaken by insurers after their policyholder has been in an accident. Powered by the CCC DRIVE™ telematics platform, these offerings include electronic crash detection, automatically initiated first notice of loss (FNOL), and predictive solutions that will inform real-time decisions including vehicle repair versus replace, preferred method of inspection (based on carrier guidelines), and injury triage. The CCC DRIVE platform is designed to collect driving data from any source and then seamlessly integrate important pre-impact and impact data with CCC’s solutions to help users make more informed and proactive decisions earlier in the claims process. CCC solutions are in use by more than 350 U.S.-based auto insurers. CCC is a leading SaaS technology provider to the auto claims industry.

“Our CCC DRIVE platform is designed to address the broad spectrum of telematics use cases, including marketing, underwriting, and claims, giving insurers a single, flexible solution to address their telematics pursuits,” said Greg Bannon, VP, Product Management, CCC. “When it comes to applying telematics to claims, the only way to deliver value is to make the data actionable for insurers. Current users of CCC’s solutions will see tremendous benefits because of our network and data capabilities, which put driving data into context to enable real decisions, in real time. This creates tangible benefits in the areas of efficiency gains, cycle time improvements, and increased policyholder satisfaction without disrupting the existing workflow of insurers.”

How the CCC DRIVE Platform for Telematics-Enabled Claims Solutions Work

The CCC DRIVE telematics platform is capable of collecting driving data from any source – mobile, embedded or connected car. Upon impact, detailed information about the pre-accident driving behavior and the crash itself are instantly run through CCC’s predictive analytics engine, which is powered by the insights gleaned from millions of claims transactions, and more than 20 years of injury data, including thousands of human crash tests. An alert can automatically be sent from the vehicle to the insurance carrier’s FNOL representative, presenting the facts of the accident in map and dashboard formats, indicating the vehicle’s location, direction of travel prior to the accident, speed, braking and steering movements, and impact severity.

In addition to crash notification, FNOL representatives can receive insights, derived from CCC’s predictive solutions, helping them determine whether the vehicle is likely to be repairable or totaled, the best appraisal option (using the carriers’ guidelines), if an injury is likely, and if emergency and/or tow services should be dispatched. Without telematics, these steps and decisions can take days. With CCC DRIVE telematics-enabled claims solutions, they may only take minutes or even seconds.

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About CCC Information Services Inc.

CCC brings together what matters most – connections into the industry’s leading automotive claims network, superior productivity through innovative cloud, mobile, hyper-scale technologies and apps, and insights to make the best decisions. Founded in 1980, CCC is the nation’s leading provider of advanced software, workflow tools, and enabling technologies to automotive collision repairers, property/casualty insurance carriers, OE manufacturers, and part suppliers. Its client base includes more than 350 insurance companies and more than 22,000 repair facilities. In addition, the CCC TRUE® Parts Network connects hundreds of parts suppliers with repairers. DriveFactor, a CCC company, helps insurance companies and OE manufacturers create custom telematics solutions to meet their short- and long-term needs; and Auto Injury Solutions, a CCC company, delivers customizable, end-to-end, casualty insurance solutions for the handling of first and third party claims.

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