Edwards Insurance Announces Travel Health Insurance For High-Risk Sports Participants

Cannington, ON (Aug. 24, 2016) – Edwards Insurance is pleased to announce that we are now able to insure high risk sports. This insurance is available for most sports including such risky sports as base jumping, bull riding, motorized speed contests and many more.

Typically high risk sport insurance has been difficult to find. It is now available, and for both professionals and amateurs.

Contact Sport Coverage

It has been difficult to get coverage for football, boxing, ice hockey and a few others, but this customized product is available now for families and teams. There is an added cost to insure when competing in some specific contact sports – a comprehensive list is available on request.

If you have considered basic travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print in the policy wording because many sports are not covered. Confirm that you are covered by insuring with a specialist like Edwards Insurance – we know where to place insurance depending on the particular sports activity you will be engaging in.

Adventure Sports Coverage

If you wish to participate in backcountry skiing, downhill longboarding, endurance activities of over 8 hours, non motorized x-games and many other sports, get a specialist involved and have the insurance placed in the proper coverage category. Edwards Insurance has an extensive list of covered sports which will give you the peace of mind that you are covered. With the appropriate endorsement and added premium to reflect risk, you will get coverage for your high risk activities that most travel insurance companies don’t cover.

We Cover Professionals

Many insurance companies have a general exclusion for professionals, but Edwards Insurance offers insurance for almost everyone. Check us out and custom design the coverage you want and need for any sort of trip. Call or email to get a quote for any activity that you may be involved in while travelling outside Canada.

Motorized Speed Contests

Motorcross has been a coverage that has been particularly difficult to find; Edwards Insurance offers that too. Call for a quote for your trip to an event and you can be sure that you are properly insured.

Single Trip or Multi Trip

Travel health insurance for high risk sports is available for individuals, families, groups, clubs and teams. Making more than one trip? Multi trip plans allow you to travel many time during the year for one set price. These plans are available from 5 days to 155 days with many increments in between. To “set and forget” once a year, an annual or multi trip plan may be the way to go.

Visiting Canada?

We can offer high risk coverage for people around the world who want to visit Canada. Be sure to visit our travel insurance page and customize a plan that will cover your activities while in Canada. Edwards Insurance is here to help make sure that you enjoy your trip and don’t experience unwanted expenses.

For more information, visit Edwards Insurance, or contact: Bill Bailey at [email protected] or 1-705-432-2314 or toll-free in North America 1-877-682-0022.

Source: Edwards Insurance