Ingle International Unveils Canuck Voyage

A brand-new travel insurance plan for Canadians

Toronto, ON (Aug. 22, 2016) – Ingle International Inc. has launched Canuck Voyage, an outbound travel medical insurance plan designed to meet the challenges Canadians face while travelling abroad or outside of their home province within Canada. Canadians can expect coverage for single trips up to 365 days or multi-trip annual plans up to 100 days per trip. Coverage is available online, via mobile, over the phone, or through insurance and travel agents, as well as associations and affinity groups. The plan was created to offer a comprehensive, versatile, competitively priced travel medical insurance option for Canadians that addresses gaps in existing plans in the market.

“The world is changing and travelling consumers deserve a straight forward product to help them when it counts. The vast majority of people travelling away from home on vacation, visiting relatives or on business are healthy, so why not provide a product that is easy to purchase, has great coverage and 24 / 7 emergency medical assistance support when they need it?” says Robin Ingle, CEO and Chairman of Ingle International.

Stephanie Hiltz, Key Account Manager at Ingle International says, “Canuck Voyage is a Canadian solution for Canadians covered by provincial or territorial health coverage. The creation of this product has had a double impact for us. First and foremost, for the travelling consumers we wish to protect, and secondly, among the employees at Ingle International. A deeper sense of national pride can be felt in the office.”

Built by Ingle International Inc. along with its underwriter partners, the plan boasts inclusive eligibility criteria, ample options for trip duration and age, as well as competitive pre-existing medical condition coverage that bridges the gap between conventional travel medical policies and snowbird plans. Highlighted features of Canuck Voyage include:

  • Inclusivity: Applicants of all ages are eligible for companion discounts when purchasing coverage for two people at a time and a family discount is available for spouses up to age 59 and children age 21 and younger.
  • Pre-existing medical condition coverage: automatic coverage, even for applicants age 60+, provided their medical conditions meet the stability period (90 days for ages 60-74, 180 days for ages 75-79).
  • Favourable limits and premiums: high overall maximum limit ($10 million), low minimum premium ($20)

About Ingle International

Ingle International is a consumer-friendly service provider with expertise in travel insurance, health care, security, and member engagement services. Promoting consumer best-practices since the 1946, the company provides “plug and play” solutions that drive revenue and enhance customer engagement for the financial services, health care, and loyalty program sectors. Ingle has invested in developing industry-proven products and infrastructure in the fields of technology, services, and customer assistance solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and marketable. Ingle International’s innovation and expertise stem from a company culture deeply rooted in robust technology and assistance.

Source: Ingle International Inc.