Allstate Insurance Company of Canada to Offer Personal Coverage for Drivers Operating Ride-for-Hire Vehicles in Alberta

Affordable solution will help ensure ride-sharing drivers have complete protection

Calgary, AB (Aug. 22, 2016) – Following recent steps by the Alberta government to enable Transportation Network Companies (TNC), such as Uber, to operate legally within the province, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of a personal coverage solution for drivers operating ride-for-hire vehicles within Alberta.

Effective today, August 22, 2016, coverage will be available for eligible drivers through Allstate Canada in the form of an endorsement added to their personal automobile insurance that extends coverage under the standard policy to vehicles that are used as transportation network automobiles. The endorsement will close the gap that had existed by covering these drivers for the period when they log into their TNC network application to the time they accept a paying passenger (known in the industry as “Period 1”).

“Allstate Canada recognizes the increasing need for this type of coverage as consumer demand and transportation network enterprises continue to grow,” says Dave MacInnis, Vice-President of Product Operations at Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “The sharing economy is only going to continue to expand; the insurance industry needs to evolve with it to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers.”

The Allstate Canada solution addresses coverage shortfalls for ride-for-hire drivers, which previously existed between private passenger automobile insurance and commercial insurance policies.

“We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations,” states MacInnis. “So when deciding what product Allstate Canada would offer, our goal was simple: It needed to be affordable, convenient and easy-to-understand coverage for consumers. I believe our product addresses the coverage gaps for TNC drivers and offers a straightforward and reasonably priced alternative for this growing venture. We are excited to offer a solution and peace of mind to drivers participating in ride-for-hire services.”

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Source: Allstate Insurance Company of Canada