SCM Risk Management Services Announces PLM Group to Join rmsQuantify Post-Loss Appraisal Division

Markham, ON (Aug. 12, 2016) – Seeking to reduce indemnity spend and create savings throughout a property claim, SCM Risk Management Services (RMS), the leading national risk management services company in Canada, is pleased to announce that the Ottawa-based PLM Group has joined rmsQuantify™. rmsQuantify™ is RMS’ property damage appraisal and audit division, minimizing exposure to loss for insurers, brokers, and adjusters. This addition strengthens rmsQuantify’s™ service offerings and expands its geographical footprint to all regions of the country.

PLM Group is a property damage appraisal consulting firm. Rather than relying on contractor estimates, PLM’s clients receive a timely, independent, and accurate cost assessment of damages to repair or complete rebuilding anywhere in Canada. The PLM Group is comprised of specialists with extensive construction and restoration education and experience.

Like PLM Group, rmsQuantify™ combines an externally-imposed valuation tool with strong industry experience. Developed by a team of specialists at RMS, rmsQuantify™ assists insurance companies and independent adjusting firms in responding to residential and commercial claims, including CAT situations. This has led to a more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective process.

rmsQuantify™ offers clients services ranging from Scoping/Estimating Appraisals Reinspection, Pre-Loss Inspections, Estimate Review, Content Evaluation, Pre and Post-Construction Surveys, and Reinspection Services. PLM group joining rmsQuantify will result in expedited settlements and reduced indemnity costs in additional regions. This alignment also increases the availability of this service across the country. More clients than ever before will have access to leading-edge property appraisal services thanks to our growing team of experts, increased national footprint, and extensive service offerings.

With over 100 years’ experience servicing clients across the country, RMS is the leading national risk management services company in Canada.

About rmsQuantify™: Property Damage Appraisal and Audit

rmsQuantify™ provides third-party appraisal and non-vested interest appraisal of any size property loss for both residential and commercial property.

Comprised of our National Team of Property Appraisers with extensive experience in appraisal, construction, and disaster restoration, rmsQuantify™ is a reliable and cost effective alternative to relying solely on contractor estimates. Our team can provide a timely, independent, and accurate cost assessment of damages from emergency mitigation to repair or complete rebuild anywhere in North America.

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SOURCE: SCM Insurance Services