Hortonworks DataFlow 2.0 Delivers Enterprise Productivity, Streaming Analytics

Santa Clara, CA (Aug. 12, 2016) – Hortonworks, Inc.®, a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, has announced the next generation of Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) version 2.0 for enterprise productivity and streaming analytics. HDF is an integrated system for dataflow management and streaming analytics to quickly collect, curate, analyze and deliver insights in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud. With HDF, customers get an easy to use and enterprise ready platform to manage data in motion anywhere and in any environment.

HDF 2.0 includes the following new functionalities:

  • Next-Generation User Experience: New graphical user experience and integration of Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka and Apache Storm into Apache Ambari for accelerated deployment and real-time operations.
  • Enterprise Readiness: Integration with Apache Ranger for centralized and comprehensive security policy management of streaming dataflows across groups in an enterprise.
  • IoT at the Edge: Apache MiNiFi, a new lightweight edition of Apache NiFi providing data collection at the edge with enterprise-grade security and management at scale.

More information about HDF 2.0 can be found here.

“We have seen significant HDF adoption across our customer base,” said Jamie Engesser, vice president of product management, Hortonworks. “Customers clearly want an integrated real time solution for streaming data and the new functionality of HDF 2.0 accelerates business value from data-in-motion for customers.”

“Our business depends on actionable insights from combining data-at-rest with data-in-motion at scale,” said Mike Bishop, chief systems architect, Prescient. “Prescient pulls information from 49,000+ sources to determine which physical, health and environmental threat factors are most relevant to the business continuity and personal safety of specific travelers. Connected Data Platforms allow us to create value for our customers and are powering our real-time business of keeping travelers safe.”

New HDF Product Integration Certification Program

The HDF ecosystem continues to accelerate, with over 150 connectors to different systems that support wide-scale dataflows. To further expand the HDF ecosystem, Hortonworks’ Partnerworks program now includes a new HDF Product Integration Certification program designed to simplify integrations of HDF into a company’s IT architecture. The program provides validation of pre-built integrations between leading enterprise technologies and HDF. It also offers testing and certification processes to help ensure that Partner software integrates with HDF, saving end customers time while providing them with an assurance of interoperability.

Hortonworks is collaborating with leading technology partners to certify joint solutions and offer an end-to-end value to our customers. Key partners collaborating on HDF technology integration include Attunity, HPE Security – Data Security, Impetus Technologies StreamAnalytix, SAS and Syncsort. More information about the Product Integration Certification Program can be found here.

Connected Data Platforms

Customers benefit from a comprehensive approach to manage data-in-motion with HDF and data-at-rest with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP ®). Businesses can unlock the transformational power of all data through an open approach to securely manage all data types, from any source and in any environment. Connected Data Platforms are available in the data center and in the cloud as a suite consisting of HDP and HDF that puts all data under management.

About Hortonworks

Hortonworks (NASDAQ: HDP) is an industry leading innovator that creates, distributes and supports enterprise-ready open data platforms and modern data applications that deliver actionable intelligence from all data: data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Hortonworks is focused on driving innovation in open source communities such as Apache Hadoop, NiFi and Spark. Along with its 1,800+ partners, Hortonworks provides the expertise, training and services that allow customers to unlock transformational value for their organizations across any line of business.

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Source: Hortonworks