Autonomous Vehicles Will Disrupt Many Industries, BLG Report Predicts

Autonomous vehicle technologies, and fully autonomous vehicles in particular, have the potential to be among the most disruptive technologies since the advent of the automobile itself

Toronto, ON (Aug. 3, 2016) – Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) is pleased to release Autonomous Vehicles: Revolutionizing Our World, its report on the significant legal implications of driverless cars. Based on studies and opinions from a variety of third-party sources, this report identifies the issues, defines which economic sectors are most likely to be affected, and discusses the possible implications for each sector.

“While experts are not in agreement yet as to when fully autonomous vehicles will be on our roads, there is concensus on some of the challenges and opportunities they are driving, including the implications for product liability and other areas of the law; and the framework under which the insurance industry operates,” said Robert Love, partner in BLG’s Insurance and Tort Liability Group and national leader of BLG’s Automotive Sector. “The introduction of autonomous vehicles may create the impetus, and indeed necessity, to enact new legislation addressing both regulatory issues and the changing liability landscape.”

BLG’s report provides an overview of the technology used in autonomous vehicles, addresses the need for international standards, explores potential roadblocks to adoption and the resulting fundamental shifts across society. It also looks at the changes in specific industries, including how the tech and healthcare industries stand to benefit, while others, such as municipalities, transportation and even hotels will face economic challenges.

“We trust that this white paper will help readers appreciate the broad impact autonomous vehicles will have, as well as enable them to identify and approach the issues affecting their sectors in a knowledgeable way,” said Kevin LaRoche, partner in BLG’s Intellectual Property practice and author of the report. “Challenges around risks, including legal and cybersecurity risks, will need to be carefully considered and resolved before widespread adoption occurs.”

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